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Mystery Ranch Special Projects Service

At MYSTERY RANCH, we solve problems for our customers – we work with them to identify a solution that meets their needs.

MYSTERY RANCH builds the best load-bearing gear in the world. Period.  

In addition to designing products for commercial sale, we regularly work on Special Projects for government and other industry organizations. With our Special Projects Service offering, MYSTERY RANCH designs and manufactures custom products when no other load-carriage solution exists. That includes packaging weapons, comms gear, optics, sensors, connectors, cabling, and so on.

If needed, we collaborate with in-field experts that bring their expertise to the design and help deliver a rigorously field-tested product to the client.

MYSTERY RANCH has many patents on technologies necessary for special load-carriage requests, which cannot be found otherwise. Our Montana-based, in-house product development and production teams are structured to facilitate such specific design needs.

Our most recent Case Study is the ATM CWF – aka “THE ARCTIC RUCK.” Details of this service outlining the process and collaboration efforts with in-field professionals can be found here.

In many cases, the client comes to our facility to brainstorm a solution with our design team for their load carriage or packaging needs. They show us the equipment we need to design around. In other cases, the client may send us the equipment and then collaborate with us via video conference, phone, or email. When necessary, we travel to the client’s location to work with them directly or see or experience items or factors that cannot be brought to us.

If it needs to be carried by a human – let’s talk or visit our site: www.mysteryranch.com/Packs/Military/SP.

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