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Land Forces 22 – Wraith Multi Spectral Combat Uniform

The Wraith Multi Spectral Combat Uniform was developed with the cooperation of Australian Defence Apparel (manufacturer), FibroTex Technologies (material provider) and Spearpoint (design) to create a uniquely Australian camouflage system to replace standard combat uniforms and introduce true Multi Spectral concealment to the individual Soldier.

Spearpoint has represented Israel’s FibroTex in Australia and New Zealand since 2019. FibroTex manufactures the US Army’s Ultra Lightweight Camouflage Net System (ULCANS) as well as the Marine Corps’ NOA personal modular camouflage system which can be seen on the mannequin on the right and on top of the Catoma Wolverine individual shelter.

The Wraith pictures below is worn in lieu of a combat uniform and in conjunction with base layers, generally FR. The material is breathable and offers multi spectral concealment. However, the Soldier can use vision augmentation system to see out of the suit, even when the face is covered. This point is critical as a great deal of thermal exchange takes place in the facial area, often leading to detection even when the rest of the body is well camouflaged.

Individual equipment is intended to be worn under this oversuit design. As you can see, they have integrated access to equipment.

The Wraith is reversible and the visual camouflage patterns can be specified by the user such as Woodland/Alpine or Desert/Urban.

Additionally, the team has developed an Australian version of the famed Israeli Mitznefet Multi Spectral Helmet Cover System called Mulgara Helmet Cover System (HCS), which uses the latest multispectral material, adds neck flaps, and breaks up the unique profile of the helmet.

While the Wraith system was designed with the Australian Digger in mind, it can be adopted by any friendly foreign military force. Spearpoint intend to set up a Sovereign manufacturing capability in Australia to meet Australian and regional requirements. This will provide Australia with the ability to further develop patterns, capabilities and systems specifically for the ADF requirements. This will include personal, small team, mobile, modular and static systems.

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