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AUSA 22 – Gentex Ops-Core AMP Headset Mount for Army Issue Helmet

The US Army’s Integrated Head Protection System (IHPS) certainly has a unique geometry and the rail system remains challenging.

A couple of companies have come up with ways to attach over-the-ear style comms headsets with varying degrees of success thanks to the accessory rail and helmet shape. Generally, the arm ends up sticking out quite a bit.

Gentex tasked their Ops-Core team to take a crack at it and they created two styles. Here you can see an IHPS from head-on equipped with an AMP headset. On the left is the more prevalent style of attachment arm which is quite pronounced. To the right is a modified solution using the standard AMP arm, which is much more streamlined.

Here Ops-Core uses the issue IHPS accessory rail along with a custom arm. This sticks out quite a bit from the helmet.

Next, Ops-Core developed a rail appliqué which facilitates use of the lower profile AMP attachment arm.

While there is currently no official requirement for attachment of an over-the-ear style comms headset to IHPS, individual organizations are procuring the capability. Perhaps soon, we will see a new Army requirement and this will be one of the options.

2 Responses to “AUSA 22 – Gentex Ops-Core AMP Headset Mount for Army Issue Helmet”

  1. Nick says:

    I wish they’d make a video showing system set up and use, depending on your head shape/size, sliding an ACH with peltors under the shell onto your head can be a pain. I’d love to see a donning/doffing demonstration of this system.

    Additionally, while I understand the increased surface area allows for greater protection, it’s interesting that the Army is retaining a full cut shell when most other parts of the US Mil are transitioning, or have transitioned, to high/super high cut shells.

    It seems to me that the weight reduction, better interoperability with communication devices/ear pro, and liners would be worth the trade off; and there are side appliqués to provide that coverage if required.

    • J says:


      I 100% agree. I want to see the benefits breakdown between the different shapes. Does anyone have the requirements document? Or know if it is still posted on the Sam.gov?

      Also I would like to everything you requested as well how well those ear cups seal.

      Dual ear protection provides the best level of protection while shooting or doing anything that causes NIHL. Direction is of course provided from a variety of institutional sources.