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RTS Tactical Releases New Level III+ Rifle Special Threat Rated “Mini Shield” for School and Law Enforcement Safety

Oct 19, 2022 – MIAMI – RTS Tactical launches their new Level III+ Rifle Special Threat Rated Mini Shield™. Starting at 11 pounds, the RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ offers quick deployment for protection against Brutal Special Threat rounds sought out in the DEA Body Armor Testing Protocols.

Currently, the majority of armored ballistic shields deployed in the field of service by the United States law enforcement agencies are missing Rifle Rated Protection. Departments are purchasing high-level Polyethylene Level III Rifle Rated Shields leaving personnel vulnerable to common street threats.

The RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ stops rounds like 5.56x45mm 62 gr. M855 (Green Tip), Russian 7.62x39mm 123 gr. MSC (M43), and 7.62x51mm NATO M80 FMJ used in short barrel rifles and commonly found in active shooter situations. The Mini Shield is equipped with a heavy-duty handle, oversized trauma pad system, and quick release buckle for maximum effectiveness in the field.

Mendel Berns, Marketing Director at RTS Tactical, shares, “After consulting with departments across America, we received feedback that most departments are in need of Ballistic Shields. However, due to their cost and availability, they are difficult to procure for every patrol vehicle. With the new RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ we are enabling every officer to have Special Threat Rifle Rated Protection when they need it most. We believe that the RTS Tactical Mini Shield™ is a game changer for Law Enforcement, and their ability to respond to fast in the moment active shooter situations.”

The RTS Tactical “Mini Shield™” is available in three sizes:

Small: 12 X 18 inches
Medium: 14 X 24 inches
Large : 16 X 30 inches


Small: 11 lbs
Medium: 16.9 lbs
Large : 23.3 lbs

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3 Responses to “RTS Tactical Releases New Level III+ Rifle Special Threat Rated “Mini Shield” for School and Law Enforcement Safety”

  1. Joe_K says:

    Best defense against school shootings is not sending your kids to government school.

  2. Ray Forest says:

    I was unaware that M855 and 7.62×51 fired from SBR’s was commonly used in Active shooter events. Is there any data that backs that claim up? Any at all? It’s a steel shield covered in a spray on liner. I don’t find it to be all that light for its size. It is cheap but without a viewport. Understand your threats and you can find better options. But if you want cheap and rifle threats this may be for you. Armor sales are very much a buyer beware environment. Much like buying a car at a dealership, go into it knowing what your needs and priorities are.