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Sneak Peek – SIG SAUER’s Hunter Project Rifle for UK Ranger Regiment

Not long after announcing the formation of a Special Operations Brigade within the British Army, with one of the elements to be known as the Ranger Regiment, they released a requirement for a new rifle which had to be a Stoner pattern and come equipped with optic and suppressor.

Multiple companies have answered the call with SIG SAUER being one of them. They have offered the MCX SPEAR LT outfitted with a TANGO6T optic and a ROMEO2 backup RDS.

A SLXC suppressor completes the package.

Interestingly, the MCX is one of only two piston operated carbines we know of which have been entered into the competition. The other is an HK416 variant.

All others, including those that we know of from Daniel Defense, Knights Armament Co KS-1, and even the recently leaked images of the GLOCK carbine are direct impingement designs.

The requirement is for up to 10,000 rifles over a period of 10 years but rumor has it that this new weapon may well replace the L85 in British service.

8 Responses to “Sneak Peek – SIG SAUER’s Hunter Project Rifle for UK Ranger Regiment”

  1. Nick says:


    Do you know if LMT entered any weapons into this competition?

    • SSD says:

      I spoke recently in Australia with Karl Lewis but we were discussing his work to introduce Australian manufacturing for his firearms. While we did briefly hit on Commonwealth use of the L129A1, and its possible future adoption by Australia, we did not discuss MARS-L.

  2. Scott says:

    Can’t wait to see LMT’s offering now that all these have gone public

  3. mudd says:

    “Stoner Pattern” this is not an Armalite…

  4. Vet says:

    Confirmed submissions to date are Glock, KAC, DD, SIG and HK. No confirmation yet on Colt Canada and LMT.

    The MCX submission is also the only side folder in the competition.

    Jane’s reporter has good info and photos on it –