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ONYX Remotely Actuated Weapon

One of the most promising pieces of equipment meant I saw at AUSA is the Remotely Actuated Weapon by ONYX.

RAW is a Platform-Agnostic Modular Lower Receiver allowing the user to Bring Your Own Upper Receiver.

Currently at Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6) signifying it has a fully functional prototype or representational model. The RAW itself is less than 4 lbs and can be mounted to static fixtures or air, ground, or maritime platforms including robotic systems.

It can also be used in conjunction with the Onyx X360 gimbal, which provides 360-degree azimuth and 40-degree elevation integrated with intelligent slew-to-cue automation.

Additionally, ONYX is working on image characterization in order to alert the user to what the system is looking at.

One Response to “ONYX Remotely Actuated Weapon”

  1. shzeng says:

    when zombie come put it on your driveway you have an automatic home defense system