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Lindnerhof-Taktik Sets 16 November for Launch of New Adapter Sets and Harnesses

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (15 NOV 2022)—Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH will tomorrow round out a remarkable year of product introductions with the launch of several innovative adapters and harnesses designed to make the brand’s earlier gear additions more versatile and combinable.

The new products are:

• Waist Belt MX129
• Waist Belt Adapter 3-Rows MX345
• Waist Belt Adapter Quick Release 3-Rows MX346
• Hook Buckle Adapter MX498
• Plate Rig Harness Set MX731
• Chest Rig Harness MX732
• Chest Rig Adapter Kit LT266

“We believe that users of our 2022 product lineup will love these additional accessories because of the way they permit fast and easy transformation of bedrock Lindnerhof setups into entirely new load-outs offering increased utility and functionality,” said Chief Executive Officer Jakob Kolbeck.

Kolbeck offered as an example the brand’s beloved classic Plate Carrier LT025/5. “With these new adapters and harnesses, we’ve opened the door to turning the LT205/5 into a plate carrier suitable for more types of missions, for more of the increasingly challenging kinds of missions operators are today being sent out on,” he said. “Now, with ease, the good old LT205/5 gains a super-lightweight skeletonised waist belt that’s closable using our patented, cutting-edge hook- buckle system. All you need for this is our new Waist Belt Adapter 3-Rows MX345, Waist Belt MX129, and Hook Buckle Adapter MX498.”

Kolbeck described how those items are utilised. “Loop the MX345 in a crisscross manner on each end of the waist belt, then affix the waist belt to the back part of the LT025/5 carrier, just as you are accustomed to doing,” he said. “To close your new waist belt, fix the MX498 Adapters via the supplied Velcro® fasteners on the front part and close the hook buckle. That’s all there is to it.”

Each adapter is sold separately; however, there is also a special adapter available—Waist Belt Adapter Quick Release 3-Rows MX346—for use with the “Schutzweste Infantrie” protective vest from Mehler Vario System GmbH. Like the MX345, the MX346 skeletonises the waist belt.

“What we’ve attempted to do here is offer our users as much modularity as possible,” said Kolbeck. “Because we here at Lindnerhof are former end-users of tactical gear, our thinking about the development of products is guided by what we understand to be the needs of current end-users. However, that understanding does not come solely from our own past experiences but much more from feedback we solicit and receive from current end-users. We do not forget where we came from, but neither do we lose sight of where the current users are going—and that is on increasingly demanding missions.”

Beyond the new options for updating waist-belt systems into modern quick-release versions, Lindnerhof also is including in its product range several new harnesses.

Said Kolbeck: “If you already are using our Split Front Chest Rig MX266, you’ll know already the new Chest Rig Harness MX732, which is a classically designed, softly padded chest rig harness with extra MOLLE/PALS slots and loops to let you carry additional equipment, such as cable guides, hydration tube guides, and more.

“In combination with our newly released Chest Rig Adapter Kit LT266, you’ll be able to create and set up an individualised Lindnerhof Micro Rig. Also, this past April, we announced the availability of our new MX Panels—they have special loops that serve as attachment points for the Adapter Kit LT266 which, in turn, attaches to the new MX732 harness.”

Of the MX732-related Plate Rig Harness MX731, Kolbeck said: “It completes our new product launch and is an essential accessory if you’re a sniper or just need to carry a heavyweight backpack, sit in a vehicle while attired in body armour, or plan to tote our Backpack HL334. The MX731 is intended for use specifically with our Ultralight Plate Carrier MX244, when you don’t need a ballistic plate in the back, the MX731 can take the place of the back part and transform the carrier into a sort of plate rig that gives you an ultra-low profile with no loss of comfort and release options.”

Kolbeck indicated that the MX731 also includes a skeletonised waist belt that precisely fits into the patented hook-buckle system at the front of Ultralight Plate Carrier MX244.

“We are very confident that these final additions to our 2022 product range are not an end- point but are in fact just the beginning of a strong, uninterrupted stream of creative ideas and options to give users of Lindnerhof gear still greater freedom to set up and load out exactly the way they need in order to meet the unique demands of each mission, so please stay tuned.”

For more information about the new adapters and harnesses as well as other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s web shop at www.hqg.de

4 Responses to “Lindnerhof-Taktik Sets 16 November for Launch of New Adapter Sets and Harnesses”

  1. Jon, OPT says:

    I just got a pair of their combat pants; great design, well built, I really like what I’m seeing out of this company.

    • SSD says:

      Built by UF Pro

      • jbgleason says:

        FWIW. I ordered a UF PRO jacket last winter and gave it a 50/50 that I would actually get it (Slovenia) or that it would be half as good as it looked online. Received it faster than a lot of stuff I have oredered CONUS, comms from their customer service was plentiful and accurate and the jacket itself is every bit as well made and quality as it looks on the computer screen.

        *I don’t work for them either…