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Flimmuur Tactical Safariland Belt Mount

Our design philosophy is produce innovative solutions that offer the latest features and materials, at a highly affordable price point. Not to mention, the incremental weight reductions when compared against current solutions available on the market.

Weighing just 47g, the Flimmuur Tactical Safariland Belt Mount lowers your holster to where you want it and offers +/- 10 degrees cant. It’s designed for to resist corrosion found in maritime environments.


9 Responses to “Flimmuur Tactical Safariland Belt Mount”

  1. Brian says:

    Interesting concept. How stiff is the platform when not using a leg strap? How strong is it? Withstand weapon grabs? My only experience is with the True North System and the Safariland belt loops and I find them stiff enough and strong enough.

  2. No1_Important says:

    So it’s literally a Carbon copy of the True-North MHA…


  3. BS says:

    Guys at Gingers Tactical Gear from Poland developed their CHAS system more than year ago. https://gtg.com.pl/en/produkt/053e/

  4. S Debouer says:

    This seems like it’s just been copied from true north

  5. Brown Smock says:

    Let’s use a material that forms under weight and changes it’s shape under stress for a holster platform
    This takes the cake of people who have no idea what they are doing

    • Naut says:

      What bs are you talking about – every holster on the market is made by a polymere that is weaker than this carbon fibre laminat…
      I got the TrueNorthConcept since day 1 of release and its making the setup HEAVY! So heavy that I cut of the last slot because you never need it while not sacrificing any mounting position which renders to me that TNC hasnt thought their plate threw at all…
      I even emailed them and showed them my modification – they never got back to me, appreciated it, or considered changing their design…

      • mike says:

        If this is Tegris or Curve then yes it forms under stress and weight. 12 layer Tegris is all the rage for belts because it’s strong but also because it curves quite nicely.

        TNC probably didn’t answer because the negligible weight you shaved off by removing a strip of 6061 aluminum only removed the ability to make a low-ride holster. You may not want a low-ride so it’s just fine to remove it from yours but not everyone thinks that’s a good idea.

  6. Although nice to see more mount options, am I the only one who prefers having a a connection that can bend with the leg? I get the idea of placement consistency, but also appears like a lot of people never lifted their leg up to climb in a window. https://milspecmonkey.com/customize/prototypes/433-alternate-safariland-6004-strap