SIG MMG 338 Program Series

SHOT Show 23 – P R S x PRISM

From the former founder of OXCART, comes PRISM, an apparel manufacturer that has the capability of providing for clients, both domestically and abroad.  PRISM is launching a new way of keeping hold of your closest assets with the PRISM Retention System (PRS).

With the goal of building a retention system that works with traditional “hook and loop,” PRISM sought a quick, effective and interchangeable way to manage gear, pouches, and kit, to conform to the ever-changing environment that is the operational space.  Comfortable, manageable and a never-ending possibility of movement around your waist, the PRS are set for your own personal fitting. 

From pants, to shorts, to yoga pants, or joggers, the capabilities are endless with what you carry on a daily basis.  In an area that is non-conforming, to running errands and out with the family, being able to place your needed necessities, on your person, and in a comfortable way, is what PRS is all about. 

In collaboration with Black Triangle, a series of sheaths & holsters are also being built that do not feature any metallic properties, making getting through certain detection areas rather easy.  RFID and other pouches capable of hiding signatures are also in the works by PRISM. 

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