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SHOT Show 23 – Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun

Known for their 9mm hand cranked Gatling Gun, Tippmann Armory is now Tippmann Ordnance and is adding a .22LR version to the lineup.

Releasing in April

Rate Of Fire – 600 Rounds Per Minute

Overall Length – 20″

Aluminium Housing

Weight – 15lbs

Barrel Length – 8.5″

50 Round Belt Length – 54 3/4

100 Round Belt Length – 109 1/2

2 Responses to “SHOT Show 23 – Tippmann Ordnance .22LR Gatling Gun”

  1. Davy Crockett says:

    Squirrel suppressive fire.

  2. Andy Marksyst says:

    Drat. The first thing I looked at when I saw this headline is the belt. I was hoping it was one of the other 22lr belts but this looks proprietary.

    Why? Because the feeding system is how they control the theoretical cyclic of these designs. In other words, they’re way ahead of you and your plans to attach a power drill to the crankshaft.


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