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Villain Weapon Systems ATPIAL-C EFL – Enhanced Illuminator Performance Available and In-Stock Now Exclusively from TNVC

Redlands, California, February 12, 2023—TNVC is proud to announce our new partnership and collaboration with Villain Weapon Systems (VWS) beginning with Exclusive Distribution of the VWS ATPIAL-C External Focusing Lens (EFL), with several new projects in the works!


Initially introduced by TNVC in 2014, the L3Harris / Insight ATPIAL-C, the Class I / 3R “civilian legal” variant of the DoD-issued AN/PEQ-15 was the first directly “commercialized” variant of an issued, MIL-SPEC laser system available on the market and still remains one of the most popular options for commercial NIR Multi-Function Aiming Lasers (MFALs).

While newer commercial lasers have been released in the decade since the ATPIAL-C was developed, the L3Harris ATPIAL remains one of the most widely used, combat proven, and reliable MFALs in existence, with many users appreciating the familiarity of the ATPIAL-C to their issued AN/PEQ-15 systems, something that cannot be understated in a device intended to be used primarily in the dark, by feel only, where it is critical that you are able to get the device to do what you want when you want it, without having to fiddle with controls or guess at what setting the device is switched to.

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Nevertheless, due to the requirements of making the standard power Class IIIB (45mW) into a Class I / 3R variant that could be sold and purchased by non-government customers openly and without restrictions or shady back-door deals, and while it can be effective in many environments and conditions, the “as-issued” the ATPIAL-C has reduced NIR illuminator performance and functionality compared to its Class IIIB counterpart.

Developed and released by Villain Weapon Systems in 2022, the ATPIAL-C External Focusing Lens (EFL) greatly improves the performance, functionality, and effectiveness of the ATPIAL-C at an affordable price ($129.00 retail), opening up the operating envelope of the ATPIAL-C, making it more than capable of handling most carbine applications within the effective PID range of head-mounted, unity night vision systems without permanent or warranty/serviceability voiding modifications, and without significantly altering the manual of arms and ergonomics that is one of the reasons for the ATPIAL-C’s continued popularity.

The VWS ATPIAL-C EFL is a ruggedized housing and lens system that allows the user to focus their fixed ATPIAL-C illuminator. Focusing your illuminator creates a useful, intense light source for long range engagements. Once installed (requires removal of the factory diffuser cover), simply flip the focusing lens in front of the aperture of the illuminator and increase the intensity of the laser illuminator an approximate 3-6x. The premium focusing lenses chosen for this task have Near-Infrared Anti-Reflective coatings to ensure maximum light transmission (~90%). These specialty coatings applied to the lens also ensure little to no laser light gets back-reflected into laser cavity.

The VWS ATPIAL-C EFL comes in two variants, with Mid-Range (MR) and Long-Range (LR) focusing lens options:

Mid-Range: Focuses your illuminator approximately 3x. Your 6°/105mrad illuminator will be focused to an approximate 2°/35mrad beam.

This lens is great for Mid Range engagements or higher light environments.

Long-Range: Focuses your illuminator approximately 6x. Your 6°/105mrad illuminator will be focused to an approximate 1°/17mrad beam. This lens is great in conjunction with magnifiers/scopes for illumination out to longer ranges. (Not recommended for targets inside of 50 meters)

While the EFL does remove the “close-range” soft, diffused illuminator cover, the already wide beam divergence and diffused output of the Class I ATPIAL-C provides suitable illumination for most close-range applications, and is still accessible on the EFL by flipping the EFL lens/cover out of the way — snap the cover on for mid-to-long ranges, flip the cover off for closer-in use.

“The EFL is a fantastic upgrade to the ATPIAL-C, and I’m extremely pleased that we have been able to partner with Brandon [Olson – Owner/Founder of VWS] and Villain Weapon Systems, not only do we have some interesting new products in the works, but our partnership and distribution agreement will allow the EFL to be produced in much larger numbers than previously and therefore become much more widely available. We really enjoy collaborations like this, and working with small, innovative, and nimble companies that are creating great new products,” says Augee Kim, COO of Tactical Night Vision Company.

“The EFL is a relatively low cost upgrade [$129 Retail] that not only greatly increases the capabilities and effectiveness of the thousands of ATPIAL-Cs that are already out in the field being used, but with a total package price of under $1,900 makes the ATPIAL-C with the EFL a strong contender, even in 2023, offering effective performance at lower cost and/or without the accompanying bulk and ergonomic issues of some other options, the more options the better.”



L3Harris ATPIAL-C: Available Now at TNVC:


***NOTE: The ATPIAL-C EFL is not designed to work with standard / high power ATPIAL / AN/PEQ-15s or any of its derivations. DAMAGE MAY OCCUR TO STANDARD / HIGH POWER PEQ-15s IF THIS LENS IS USED.***

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    So now you no longer have a Class 1/3R laser. Back into 3B territory.