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Mine Extraction Kit Tipped To Be a Hit at IDEX 2023

At this year’s IDEX show in Abu Dhabi (20-24 February 2023), a compact and lightweight personal mine extraction kit (PMEK) developed by survival equipment experts, BCB International Ltd (Stand 03-C46) is tipped to be a hit with visitors.

The detection of mines and IEDs presents a real challenge for dismounted military personnel. Having close to hand the means to detect these buried devices to safely navigate your way through an area laced with mines and IEDs is vital.

Weighing in at just 400 grams, the BCB Personal (IED and) Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK) is a compact, lightweight kit which fits neatly onto a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment) system. It is designed for dismounted soldiers as well as armoured vehicle crews to always carry when patrolling in an area of country where mines or IEDs could be hidden.

BCB International Ltd’s Managing Director, Andrew Howell, said: “The PMEK can be deployed and assembled in seconds.  It contains all the key components troops needed to help extract themselves out of a mined area, day or night. It can be quickly opened and easily accessed while still attached to a soldier’s waist belt or Body Armour.

Many thousands of our PMEKs have already been supplied to the Ukrainian forces.  We invite visitors to this year’s IDEX show to stop by our stand (03-C46) and take a closer look at this indispensable survival item for operations in areas where IEDs and other buried unexploded ordnance could be lurking.”


3 Responses to “Mine Extraction Kit Tipped To Be a Hit at IDEX 2023”

  1. Jim says:

    Except the pouch it looks identical to the one I got in 2004 for Iraq and 2011 for Afghanistan, although I can’t see the wire ‘feeler’ in the new one

  2. Cj says:

    Pretty sure that is the same kit the UK has issued for the last 20+ years, less trip wire 12gauge.
    Its usefulness was diminished for a period during the onset of pressure plate IEDs after some were initiated with the steel mine prodder. We used fingers and talc instead

  3. Phil says:

    Compared to the original kit for Afghanistan, you can access the components quicker and the design keeps the pegs tight in the pack.
    Also you can use it while it is on your belt.
    It is also more compact and lighter
    The trip wire feeler is included