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Kit Badger – The Q Collar by Q30

My friend Ivan goes over the the Q Collar by Q30 which is a collar worn to protect against Traumatic Brain Injury.

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7 Responses to “Kit Badger – The Q Collar by Q30”

  1. Eric B says:

    Good stuff. I saw this product advertised in the NTOA magazine. My daughter is a college senior playing lacrosse. She’s had her bell rung twice before and sat out a couple of weeks last year in the concussion protocol. We bought her one at the beginning of this season. She thinks it’s already kept her from another concussion or at least a headache after her head hit the turf a week or so ago. I bought one myself for use in the shoothouse, with bangs and doing rifle work. So far so good.

  2. Joey Johnson says:

    Not to ding anyone but the nfl looked into this thing. They and their doctors said that the device just constricts the blood to keep more in the head. It doesn’t actually make the claims it saws. The other thing the nfl said was the players felt like they had heavy heads or head aches and neck pains from this device.

    • cat blaster says:

      do you have links to the reports from the NFL on this data?

      • mat says:

        I dont have anything direct to point at to support this position but I have had the pleasure of some next level dudes in the TBI world on helmet design for professional athletes and they all had strong opinions about this devices and the research that pointed towards its effectiveness. Long story short is the experts dont agree much on TBI prevention and treatment, we really just dont know that much about it. But what was explained to me about the concept of limiting blood flow to the brain certainly convinced me that this is questionable at best. Again no reason to take some dude on this internets word on this.

    • RLaxer says:

      I’ve heard the complete opposite. Less headaches, less pain, after wearing it. I browsed the testimonials and they are very compelling. NFL should talk to the players who are wearing it game after game.

  3. jbgleason says:

    The device restricts return blood flow from the cranium thus increasing ICP (Intra Cranial Pressure). As most know, the brain is designed to “float” around in the skull to protect from everyday vibration and shock. The problem comes when a big one happens and the brain contacts the skull. (I am keeping it very basic here before some salty 18D criticizes) The theory, as I understand it, is this thing increases the ICP and makes it harder for the brain to float about.

    I am not sure if that’s good or bad. I haven’t seen any peer reviewed hard core Med data or studies and that concerns me. I am nevertheless nervous about the idea of unilaterally increasing ICP. Our bodies are built a certain way and when you start messing with that it’s often problematic.

    I would say the Jury is still out and proceed with caution.

    • OrthoDoc says:

      Increasing ICP through the restriction of venous return from the head, contradicts everything that any trauma surgeon would recommend. Inter-cranial bleeding is a huge side effect of head trauma. Why would anyone want to increase the blood volume in and around the brain. This would create a nightmare in the field and reduce soldier survivability.