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IVAS 1.2

IVAS 1.2 features an improved form factor and a lower profile heads-up display with distributed counterweight for improved user interface and comfort.

6 Responses to “IVAS 1.2”

  1. The Evil Nadman says:

    Now that is a real improvement right there!

  2. Doe says:

    I was gonna send this to you guys! Pretty much nobody’s reported on it. Human factors seemed to be the big issue in testing and this blows it out of the water in that regard.

  3. TheFull9 says:

    Be interesting to know how easily can you shoot through the NGSW optic with this on. Do the HUD elements interface?

    • Naut says:

      Just slap the Bluetooth connection onto the NGSW optic and send the image wireless to the goggle?

  4. Seamus says:

    The Army will achieve something truly spectacular when they finally see less integrate this directly into the ballistic helmet. Just like the iPhone took a dozen items (phone, iPod, camera, note pad, alarm clock etc) and made them all a single device, the future combat helmet will be the same (helmet, NVG, ear & eye pro, radio, navigation, JCR, gas mask etc). Give some DARPA money to a cell phone company like Apple and let them have a go at it.