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MATBOCK – Soteria Belt

Jim Foreman and Sean Matson go into the features of their Soteria belt which includes an inner belt, an outer belt, and a cage. It also is sold with the option to add leg loops. Check out this great video.

The Soteria Belt gives the operator total kit flexibility for any kind of operation or environment. It features an over belt design with a removable stiffened MOLLE cage to mount your gear. The cage allows you to change out your kit in as little as 30 seconds. The lightweight inner belt has an outward-facing loop that secures the outer belt and it can also be used as an everyday belt. The Soteria Belt converts to a sit/climbing harness with the addition of MATBOCK Soteria Leg Loops. The Soteria belt is rated for a dynamic 3600lb load. Available in S, M, L, and XL. The sizing chart is on the website


– Our cage system is made out of Boltaron – a strong yet flexible material
– The belt is designed to allow the operator to quickly switch mission sets by changing out cages
– Seamlessly becomes a full sit/climbing harness with the attachment of the Soteria Leg Loops
– The inner belt is a lightweight and low-profile belt that can also be used daily as a regular belt


Total Belt weight: 15.5oz (439.4 grams)
Total Belt weight with leg loops: 1.75lbs (793.8 grams)
Outer Belt Material: Type 13 Belt Webbing 1 ¾ in
Inner Belt Material: Ghost
Cage Material: Boltaron

For more information check out their product page: or reach out to

5 Responses to “MATBOCK – Soteria Belt”

  1. cat blaster says:

    A 3 lb belt? not sure what other tac belt come in at and I know the rated resin coated webbing is heavy but 3lb sounds crazy.

    • MATBOCK says:

      Cat Blaster…thank you for pointing that out.

      We just rechecked everything and are not sure where that 3lbs came from. Here are the correct weights.

      Total Belt weight: 15.5oz (439.4 grams)
      Total Belt weight with leg loops: 1.75lbs (793.8 grams)

  2. Nicco says:

    Where are you getting the 3 lb figure? The spec sheet says it’s 15.5oz without the leg loops and 1.75 lb with the loops.

    • cat blaster says:

      Well looks like SSD edited the post. It did in fact say 1.5kg/3lbs.
      looks better at 15.5 oz

  3. Doug Ralph says:

    The quick attach harness is a good idea