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ZEV Technologies Announces Their Launch of the Core Combat Rifle Series

ZEV Technologies announces their official launch of the Core Combat Rifle Series. The Combat Rifle Series features both forged and billet models, available in .223 Wylde, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Winchester. All models are coated with rugged Cerakote Elite over Type III Class 2 hard coat anodize. Large frame rifles are built on the ZEV MML platform, while the .223 models are built on precision machined forged receivers. The launch will start with the forged .223 models and the large frame rifles will be available shortly after. All rifles are manufactured in house and held to ZEV’s highest standards of performance.

“Team ZEV has worked tirelessly with our engineering team, and elite law enforcement and military to develop a rugged, combat capable rifle series. These rifles are not only extremely accurate, but are built to withstand daily use in the field under harsh conditions. We look forward to getting them into the hands of both professional end users and discerning civilians who appreciate a quality self-defense tool. ”

– Dan Groce, Director of Brand Engagement


5 Responses to “ZEV Technologies Announces Their Launch of the Core Combat Rifle Series”

  1. Andy Marksyst says:

    Another shorter overall length .308 receiver. First POF, then Ruger, now ZEV.

    All of this is a step in the right direction.

    • Nick says:

      Are you sure it’s a “short” receiver? I compared it to M110 photos and it looks like it’s a full AR-10 type receiver set.

      I also didn’t see anything noting the Zev .308/6.5 MML as a short style receiver, and I believe their current AR-10’s are full size as well.

      • Andy Markcyst says:

        Pretty sure. I own a Ruger SFAR and you can see they removed almost 10mm from the Backstrap near the pistol grip, just like Ruger did on their rifle. It’s not much – half an inch or less – but it does make a noticeable difference in handling and especially in parts compatibility with AR15s. For instance it allows for the use of ar15 takedown pins instead of 308 pins on the Ruger.

        I like the movement to reduce the size of the 308 receiver. I think it looks cool as well as providing better utility aspects to the guns.

  2. Nick says:

    Seems a little odd to me to not launch the .223 Wylde version on, or at least with the option of, the full ambi billet receiver set, using the MML as well.

  3. Vynz says:

    It is a full size AR-10 receiver set. These are basically their Mega MML AR-15 and AR-10 receivers already available on website but now given the Zev styling treatment. They did at one point have a smaller frame AR-10 (DPMS G2) which looked very identical style wise to this called the Zev SF-10. Sadly they have not brought back that rifle.