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Effective June 1, First Term Airmen Can Retrain into AFSCs Under 90% Manning in Lieu of Separation


The Air Force is changing the process of how First Term Airmen can retrain to provide additional opportunities for Airmen to stay in uniform instead of separating.

Effective June 1, all FTA can retrain into any Air Force Specialty Code they qualify for that is under 90% manned prior to separation, even if their current AFSC is below 90% manned.

Qualified Airmen must be within their retaining window and meet medical, Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory standards, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score and physical fitness standards to be approved.

“Glad to see us make this change as it relates to retraining opportunities for the force,” said Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass. “Providing these opportunities for our Airmen helps us keep talent on the bench. While this particular change impacts First Term Airmen, expect to see more initiatives like this as we evolve our policies and talent management to focus on the force of the future and building the Air Force our nation needs.”

Additionally, the FTA Retaining Selection Board is also no longer required during the retraining application process. This removes the racking-and-stacking retraining application process based on the number of quotas needed for a more streamlined ‘first in, first out’ process. Phase 1 FTA retraining quotas will be open to all FTAs entering their retraining window during Fiscal Year 2024.

The Exception to Policy will be reassessed June 1, 2024, unless it is rescinded earlier.

Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

3 Responses to “Effective June 1, First Term Airmen Can Retrain into AFSCs Under 90% Manning in Lieu of Separation”

  1. Andy Markcyst says:

    Don’t see why this is necessary. Are the armed forces having trouble recruiting right now? Now why would that be?

    A headscratcher for the ages I’m sure of it…

    • Joe_K says:

      The amount of hoops they will have to jump through to ramp up for the planned WW3 will be astounding. They might have to get the Japs to use Pearl Harbor to Bomb the World Trade Center.

  2. Philip says:

    Still too many hoops, the AF needs to eliminate the arbitrary “retraining window” for eligibility. If a field is undermanned and an individual wants to volunteer for it, they should be permitted to reclass as long as they meet that field’s entry standards.

    Since the end goal is improving retention, there need to be fewer bureaucratic obstacles to achieve it.