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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Concealable Vests

This week, we’re focusing on our concealable vest options. The Slick™ and Deceptor™ are durable and lightweight discrete carriers.

Designed for wear underneath garments or load carriage platforms, the Slick is light and comfortable. The soft material can be folded up and stashed on your cargo pocket when not needed. This is a minimalist carrier and not designed to be an outer most carrier for overt tactical operations.

Sizing corresponds to SAPI plate size. Swimmer Cut available here.

Designed to conceal rifle velocity protective plates in hight threat environments, the Deceptor will discretely hold a pair of special threat plates and two 6” x 6” rifle side plates. Our Ragnar pockets can quickly attach to the front or the back of the carrier as well. The Deceptor shines with SAPI cut plates in the 2.2 to 4.5 Ibs medium-sized weight range which are .5” or thinner. For larger, thicker, or heavier plates, you need to consider another capability. This carrier comes with stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps to accommodate user comfort preference.

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One Response to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Concealable Vests”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    The Slick is one of the best values out there in low pro armor. I use one daily and love it. I just wish there were more color ways. I’ve seen a hybrid design of both of these Vests FS did in black so I know it’s possible to do other colors.