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Stepping Back in Time, U.S. Soldiers Invited to WWII Reenactment in Bulgaria

NOVO SELO TRAINING AREA, BULGARIA (April 23, 2023) – On 23 April, U.S. Army Soldiers from the Army Support Activity-Black Sea (ASA-Black Sea) stationed at Novo Selo Training Area (NSTA), along with the 1st Battalion 18th Infantry Regiment, and the 418th Civil Affairs Battalion attended a World War II reenactment in Yambol, Bulgaria.

The Military Historical Reenactment of “Hungarian Spring 1945” depicted the battle between the Bulgarians and Germans near Lake Balaton in Hungary at the end of World War II.

The event featured weapons, explosives, howitzers, military trucks, several motorbikes, and a stationary tank.

Twenty students from the National Military University “Vasil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo and 45 volunteers from the Reenactment Club participated in the reenactment.

“U.S. Army soldiers were in the audience and watched the historical reenactment,” said Georgi Vardarov, Director of the Museum of Battle Glory. “By the time the Bulgarians were fighting the German-Nazi soldiers, the American Army was also fighting the German Army, but on the Western front,” said Vardarov as he emphasized the significance of bringing together Bulgarian and American military personnel during the reenactment.

The reenactment lasted an entire 20 minutes, and spectators had the opportunity to relive the historic battle through their own eyes.

“It is an honor to be here and learn so much about Bulgarian history and its role in World War II. I got the chance to see many historical vehicles and weapons that were key to the Bulgarians’ success in the battles they fought,” said Cpt. Avery Smith, a team leader assigned to the 7th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. “The re-enactment was phenomenal, and I could tell that a lot of details and training went into perfecting this performance for the guests. Their ability to preserve their history so well makes me proud to say we are military partners. Bulgaria is a beautiful country, and the community here in Yambol felt friendly and welcoming.”

Besides the reenactment, the museum also set up static displays of tanks and other military equipment from WWII for visitors to see up close.

“This event with the Yambol Military Museum was a wonderful way to educate not only myself but the rest of the U.S. Personnel who were present,” said James Adamski, deputy garrison Manager at NSTA, as he shared his appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Bulgarian history. “Very few people know of the Bulgarian History that was so very critical at the end of WWII.”

ASA-Black Sea continues to build strong relationships with the local communities as it emphasizes the importance of strengthening its ties with the people of Bulgaria.

By Joshua Rojas

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  1. Bob says:

    So, for the first 10 minutes did they fight with the Nazis instead of against them?