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S.O.Tech Debuts Their M320 Weapon Carriage and 40mm Ammunition Modular Deployment System

S.O.Tech is proud to debut our M320 Carriage Ensemble for commercial sales as it has been going through testing by the Army with positive results and by the USMC resulting is the purchase of over 13,000 weapon retention clamp systems.

Our M320 Grenade Launcher 40mm Ammunition Deployment System is designed around the shooter not the weapon system maximizing mobility, organization, and access. Using MOLLE compatible 3 round 40mm pouch modules or current issue 40mm round pouches, the M320 grenadier has the option to MOLLE attach any number of them to a strap that can be worn as a belt or bandolier. They can also attach some pouches to their vest or belt, and secure the balance of their rounds on the bandolier strap stowing it in butt pouch for easy draw and donning. This can give the grenadier 3 or 6 rounds of 40mm in quick access on their front for a typical firefight, and the option to pull out and don the full bandoleer in case of a prolonged engagement. This flexibility gives the grenadier better movement with less clutter than the older static bandolier with unused loops in an unwieldy configuration. A custom-built grenadier’s large butt pouch can hold the strap with 15 rounds in 3 round modules attached. This bandolier extracts from the pouch with one strong pull.

The base set includes the strap (adjustable for belt or bandolier use) and 6 modules of 3 rounds (adjustable length or static for HE rounds). This is unless the unit already has a stock of prior issue 40mm MOLLE pouches. The 40mm Grenadier’s butt pouch can be added, or a pair can be added with one of the two intended for operator survival gear.

These systems are fully compatible with S.O.Tech’s M320 Holster, Sling, Thigh Panel, and our Micro Pack-M320 being fielded by units across the US Army as well as the S.O.Tech Grenade Launcher Weapons Retention Catch currently NSNed and fielded by the USMC. Our M320 GL Holster was designed for versatility, protection, multi-platform, ease of draw and re-holster, and easy field reparability.

We saw that other holsters on the market failed to mitigate sway during movement during DoD testing, so we contoured our design and added MOLLE at key points to hold the weapon close to the shooter’s body. Next we set out to protect the sight and weapon body, developing a padded hood stitched to form a cup protecting the optics. This hood is open to allow the weapon to be drawn and re-holstered with the hood in place. We also added a tab to rip open the hood and secure it to the side out of the way for those wanting an easier draw. We also made the hood removable. In non-threat environments, units may want to provide ample padded coverage to the optics. Units in direct action may want it stripped down for speed.

We also supplied a high ride carbon fiber thigh plate to complement the belt and vest mount, along with a bungee sling. The cloth covered carbon fiber plate can be worn as a drop-down plate from the belt alone, or a leg strap can be added to provide more stability. Some operators prefer the stability of the leg strap, others don’t like to leg strap tight on their leg. These rigs will be attached with Flex Tab (SOTECH’s counterpart to MOLLE/PALS). The holster can be attached to the MOLLE belt, riggers belt, vest, plate carrier or backpack without adapters.

Also compatible with the system is our Marine Corps retention clamp. S.O.Tech is proud to have delivered over 11,000 of their M320 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Clamps to the United States Marine Corps. The MOLLE compatible ambidextrous, simple, field reparable plastic quad-retention clamp was awarded NSN 1005-01-691-9320 by MARCORSYSCOM. According to S.O.Tech owner Jim Cragg, “the best part was working with Marines of multiple battalions to arrive at the optimal design, and then to see the rig on Marines deployed across the Corps.”

For a detailed explanation of the system, check out this video:


Find more information here: sotechtactical.com/collections/m320suite

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