SOF Week 23 – Roam Robotics

Roam Robotics exhibited Forge, a pneumatically powered exoskeleton in the Darley Defense booth.

Forge has been under evaluation by the US Air Force where it’s shown to double the endurance and stregth of the wearer as well as reduce experienced g-forces by 50%. This last factor is particularly important when jumping down from heights. It preserves the natural range of motion and generates torque by forcing air through lightweight actuators at the knee to introduce torque. The brace provides stability and support to the knee.

During a recent evaluation at Wright-Patterson AFV, two C-17 Loadmasters were able to move a pallet that weighed about 3,500 pounds by themsleves, a load which normally takes four Airmen.

The modular power pack generates pressurized air for the system and can be controlled on the fly.

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  1. Mickey Wright says:

    Rally Point Management’s Innovation and Integration team is supporting this endeavor.