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SOF Week 23 – Mystery Ranch Cold Weather Packs

The Mystery Ranch “Arctic Ruck” was a case study under their Special Projects Service. Formally named the All-Terrain Maneuver, Cold Weather First (ATM CWF) Pack, it was developed in conjunction with Arctic Explorer and Cold Weather Expert John Huston who founded consulting firm and school Skadi Group. In the niche world of extreme cold weather operations, you couldn’t find a better participant in the design process. John has trained US, Canadian and Norwegian SOF.

One of the innovations John brought to the project is the Pull frame developed for pulling sleds. It features pull loops on both sides and is built to pull large loads without creating stress points on the body.

The yoke also has a quick release buckle. Additionally, all of the fasteners and zipper pulls were designed with wearing mittens in mind in operations down to -60 deg F.

-Removable flap lid with zippered pocket and pass throughs to accommodate jump systems
-Top-loading spindrift collar to main bag
-Zipper port at top of body panel opens from either side for antennae, cables, and/or hydration
-Fully adjustable, toolless Futura yoke telescopes to fit any torso length
-Yoke has quick-release buckle with backup ladderlock
-Side pass through sleeves accommodate skis, rifle butts or other long items
VELCRO on lid for identification and patches
-Removable flap lid with zippered pocket and pass throughs to accommodate jump systems
-Loops for included accessory straps
-Three MOLLE attach, removable, zippered pockets with toggle pulls
-Three lower external pockets with drawstring spindrift collars
-Grommeted pockets and main bag
-Two compression straps on each side
-Six rows of PALS web for MOLLE attach accessories
-Interior radio sleeve

Weighing 8.8 lbs empty, the Arctic Pack has a capacity of 5535 cu in. Naturally, it’s offered in MultiCam Arctic pattern.

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