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Patented Holster Secures Widespread Adoption by Over 20 Law Enforcement Agencies

SWANSBORO, N.C. – May 22, 2023 – High Speed Gear® and Comp-Tac Holsters® proudly announce the exceptional success of their groundbreaking CT3, level III retention holster.

This remarkable milestone attests to the commitment the brands have made to officer safety and they are proud to have yielded a holster specifically engineered to enhance operational efficiency, officer comfort, and firearm security.

The CT3 Holster represents the pinnacle of holster design, blending state-of-the-art, patented technology along with exceptional craftsmanship. Key features that have propelled the CT3 Holster to such widespread adoption include:

1.) Carefully Engineered: The CT3 Holster was designed to ensure a precise fit that eliminates any potential for unwanted or unintentional obstructions, guaranteeing smooth and reliable access to the firearm. Before even removing the gun from the holster, the CT3 allows the end-user to place their hand and thumb in the “Master Grip” position reducing any readjustment to the grip after the gun has been drawn.

2.) Retention Realization: The CT3 Holster employs an innovative retention system that ensures a secure hold on the firearm while allowing for a smooth draw. This cutting-edge technology strikes the perfect balance between firearm retention and accessibility, giving officers the confidence they need in high-stress situations. It also enables a seamless draw while maintaining the integrity of the Master Grip, allowing for a quick and efficient response without compromising control or stability.

3.) Versatility and Adaptability: Designed to accommodate a wide range of firearms, the CT3 Holster offers maximum versatility to police agencies with various weapon models in their arsenals. It sets a new standard by being optics and co-witness sight ready, allowing law enforcement and military personnel to seamlessly integrate their preferred red dot sights for enhanced target acquisition. Furthermore, its compatibility with other OEM drop leg platforms and quick disconnects provides flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to customize their setup according to their specific operational needs. With a large number of makes/models available along with the ability to tool-up and make holsters for gun and light configurations that may be specific to an agency, it’s clear how Comp-Tac has become the brand of choice for LE professionals.

4.) Comfort-Focused Design: Recognizing the importance of comfort during extended periods of wear, the CT3 Holster incorporates ergonomic features for ride height adjustments ensuring a customized fit for each officer and a stable, 90-degree angle for added comfort and safety. The design optimizes weight distribution and minimizes fatigue, enabling officers to perform at their best while on duty.

5.) Premium Quality and Durability: Crafted with precision and expertise, the CT3 Holster is built to withstand tough conditions and built with meticulous construction techniques to ensure exceptional durability and longevity, reinforcing the holster’s reputation as a reliable companion in the line of duty.

The widespread adoption of the CT3 Holster by over 20 esteemed police agencies is a testament to its performance, functionality, and unmatched quality. Comp-Tac and High Speed Gear are proud to provide law enforcement professionals with a trusted solution that enhances officer safety and operational effectiveness.

“We are thrilled to see the rapid adoption of our Level III CT3 Holster by police departments across the country,” said Truett Whitt, Sales Manager at Comp-Tac Holsters. “This continued acceptance highlights the trust placed in our products and our commitment to providing law enforcement professionals with the highest level of safety and performance.”

As the HSGI family of brands strive to continuously innovate and exceed industry standards, they remain committed to collaborating closely with law enforcement agencies to gather valuable feedback and incorporate real-world insights into future designs. This commitment ensures that the needs of police officers are at the forefront of product development.

Both Comp-Tac and High Speed Gear express gratitude to the police agencies that have embraced the CT3 Holster and reaffirm their dedication to providing law enforcement professionals across the nation with cutting-edge gear that empowers them to protect and serve their communities effectively.

For additional information on the CT3 Holster, please contact:

Truett Whitt

Sales Manager

Comp-Tac Holsters


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