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US Army Selects Blue Force Gear Sling as Authorized M4A1 Component

Pooler, GA – Blue Force Gear, the industry leader in modern combat slings, is pleased to announce that the US Army has chosen the patented Blue Force Gear Push Button Sling in both Black and Tan as an authorized attachment to the M4A1.

This modification can be done at the soldier level and both slings can be ordered through the Army’s Global Combat Support System (GCSS-A) using the following information: Vickers Push Button quick-adjustable sling from Blue Force Gear (Tan: NSN 1005-01-707-1744, Black: NSN 1005-01-625-4470).

After years of supporting the United States Marine Corps with their standard issue rifle sling, Blue Force Gear stands ready to fully support the US Army with the Push Button Sling and New Equipment Training and Education.

“The modern combat sling is probably the most overlooked and underutilized tool that—when properly sized, mounted, and employed—is the cheapest and most effective component for immediately enhancing a soldier’s lethality and safety,” said Chris Sizelove, Blue Force Gear Director of Education and Training. “I am proud of the Army for providing authorized options for the M4 besides the issued parade sling.”

Along with the sling options, the Army has also authorized additional modern buttstock options, most notably the B5 Systems Bravo (Black: NSN 1005-01-706-2373, Tan: NSN 1005-01-706-2510), which, when used in conjunction with the modern combat sling adds many additional capabilities to the combat rifle system.

“By authorizing our proven sling, the Army has made it easier than ever for Soldiers to improve marksmanship and weapon handling,” said Ashley Burnsed, CEO at Blue Force Gear. “This is a huge win for the US Army.”

6 Responses to “US Army Selects Blue Force Gear Sling as Authorized M4A1 Component”

  1. Joe Garcia says:

    This BFG vickers sling, when installed and worn correctly significantly improves weapon stability especially when firing from the barricade supported firing stages of table V and table VI.


    It’s just a piece of material if it isn’t understood, explained, and drilled. It does nothing without proper understanding, installation, and adjustment.

    • Jensenmk says:

      Agreed; I can’t tell you how many times I had to show
      NCOs how to properly install and use the VCAS in ’17/’18.

  2. Attack7 says:

    Finally they’ve got something approved! It took a decade! LOL

    • SSD says:

      The Army or BFG?

    • Jensenmk says:

      BFG VCAS with and without rail mounted loop,
      has had an NSN for years; the new NSN is for
      the QD swivels sewn into the sling.

  3. rotorhd says:

    Not a moment too late…… Welcome to the party….