Paladin33 Launches the Skywalker 1lb 11oz Ultralight Discreet Rifle Case

Bend, OR – Paladin33, innovator in tactical nylon, announces the Skywalker discreet rifle case.

The Skywalker was born out of a need to discreetly carry rifles without looking tactical.

This was achieved by deviating from traditional zippered rifle bag designs and opting for a sleek roll top design that looks more like an outdoor industry product than a tactical rifle case.

There are two fabric options available. One is 500D DWR treated cordura and the other is X-PAC, both Berry compliant.

The minimalist padded design offers great protection impact and weather protection and weighs only 1lb 11oz.

The main roll top compartment offers  quick and silent access to your rifle. There’s no inner velcro straps like traditional rifle cases that you have to do and undo each time. G-hooks attached to the front daisy chain, compresses the bag from the outside, holding the contents tight.  

The front zippered pocket has elastic pouches that can fit up to six AR10 magazines.  

Offered in two sizes.

The Carbine bag fits up to 10.5” ARs.

The Rifle bag fits  up to 16” ARs.

The Skywalker is Berry-compliant and proudly cut, designed, and sewn in Bend, Oregon USA.


Cordura Carbine $250

Cordura Rifle $270

X-PAC Carbine $275

X-PAC Rifle $290

Bag Dimensions: 30” wide x 11” tall x 3.5” deep

4 Responses to “Paladin33 Launches the Skywalker 1lb 11oz Ultralight Discreet Rifle Case”

  1. D Liddle says:

    There is nothing discreet about that pattern.

    • PNWTO says:

      A cursory glance probably suggest a “designer” item. Outside of the fashionista space quite a few outdoor companies are using floral/tropical/vacation patterns.

      At any rate it’s much better than whatever flavor of LARP pattern is popular at the moment.

  2. LowSpeed says:

    It’s a fun pattern and design,I like it and would consider getting it if I needed a new bag. However, I’m under ZERO illusions that this would be inconspicuous under any circumstances outside of being in Hawaii or some other locale where such a pattern is the norm. In the mainland, it’ll stick to people who:

    1. Are aware of the “tactical” or “grey-man” aesthetic
    2. Are aware of the sub-culture commonly referred to as “boogaloo bois”
    3. Are simply drawn in by the colorful design which would stick out in a lot of places, followed by observing other stuff on the person carrying it that might be incongruent with the design.

  3. Jack Griffin says:

    I like cool patterns. Do one in ’90s Splatter Paint.

    Real Talk w/ Sinbad:

    Anything bigger than a 17″ laptop screams GUN to anybody that knows.

    No, you don’t have a tennis racquet. No, that isn’t a ukulele. Your sleeve tats, beard and raccoon tan and having found the door to the gym are tells.

    This also applies to any backpack that is taller than the base of your neck, Pelican cases of any size and fanny packs big enough for G19s.

    “i’M a GrEy MaN!”