DSEI – Cockerill i-X

The Cockerill i-X from innovator John Cockerill Group was displayed as their concept for a next-generation light vehicle. They’ve merged a weapon system with rally raid performance to produce a vehicle with a retractable weapon station which promises a top road speed of up to 200 kph. Referred to as a Ground Interceptor, the “i” in the name is for “interceptor” and “X” for “modular multi-weapons system.”

They describe the system as “capable of moving at very high speeds on-road and off-road (with a thermal or hybrid thermal-electric drive train), light, stealthy (appearance management with adaptive camouflage, and modification of IR and acoustic signature), integrating multi sensor data fusion technology (Smart Helmet, on-board intelligence AI, cameras, sensors : LWS, Acoustic Gunshot detection and localization) and capable of integrating a suite of effective weapons (such as 25mm, 30mm, Missiles, Rockets,…).”

Due to space constraints they displayed a model. However, below you can see a video showcasing the vehicle’s capabilities.

3 Responses to “DSEI – Cockerill i-X”

  1. Joey Johnson says:

    The steering wheel looks like it’s from a jet boat or an F1 car. I have driven an F2 car and couldn’t tell you what half the buttons did. Hopefully this is easier to understand

  2. FormerDirtDart says:

    Does it come in black?