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New Name Announced for a Trusted Brand in the Tactical Industry: Mehler Systems

Fulda, Germany, 13.11.2023

Mehler Vario System today introduced Mehler Systems, a significant milestone in the journey that brings all the company’s brands under one roof. This new name—Mehler Systems—unites the already renowned brands of UF PRO and Lindnerhof with that of Mehler Protection, itself a new brand that combines all existing ballistic-protection activities of Mehler Systems into one entity.

The move harmonises the name, image, and branding of the entire Group as a leading provider of high-end protection and tactical-equipment systems for worldwide defence and law enforcement customers.

The new brand-name Mehler Systems captures the essence of the total Group’s purpose as a provider of comprehensive solutions for defence and security missions of a challenging nature, but it does more than that. It also speaks to a commitment to continuously evolve and innovate to even better serve clients. “Under Mehler Systems, our new Group brand, we will present a new, unified, and comprehensive Group face to the market. The Mehler Systems brand stresses the breadth and depth of our complementary and corresponding capabilities throughout the Group in each of our companies, under one common roof”, said Mehler Systems CEO Thomas Homberg.

In a step parallel to the adoption of the new brand-name Mehler Systems and the Group-level uniting resulting from it, Mehler Systems has created Mehler Protection through a brand-blending of Mehler Vario System, Mehler Engineered Defence, and Mehler Law Enforcement. This new sub-brand specialises in providing body and platform armour.

Christian Vahldiek, Managing Director of Mehler Engineered Defence, expressed enthusiasm for this collaborative branding effort. “We are excited about this joint initiative and the opportunity to combine our expertise in platform protection with the body armour offerings under a single brand,” he said.

Importantly, however, the brand-blending of the three companies does not alter their individual legal structures.

Although Mehler Systems is now the Group’s overall brand, Mehler Protection, UF PRO, and Lindnerhof will continue as specialised sub-brands, according to UF PRO Managing Director Jože Kastelic and Linderhof Managing Director Jakob Kolbeck. “Each sub-brand brings its unique skillset and established reputation as a provider of integrated, top-quality solutions,” they said in a joint statement.

“Every sub-brand under Mehler Systems is committed to delivering excellence,” Homberg said. “We continuously utilise our combined strengths to ensure that you receive the best. Our dedicated customer group, who risk their health and lives for society’s security, is the reason we continuously strive for innovation. We are persistent in our efforts to enhance equipment and system performance that match the ever-changing mission- and threat-environments of our customers.”

Learn more about this transformation and the Group’s wide range of offerings by visiting the Mehler Systems website.

One Response to “New Name Announced for a Trusted Brand in the Tactical Industry: Mehler Systems”

  1. sunny says:

    So I will never buy UFPro or Lindnerhof products again.
    Mehler is the worst of the worse EU companys: You aint Gov? Well, wont offer you any products, wont talk with you, at trade shows they are Gatekeeping their products with bad salesmen (since over a decade – ita not the person, its their politics).
    Well, you wantes it so bad, Deal with it: Sell your stuff to Gov only and leave LE/Mil/civvis persons alone.
    Lets hope they loose ground in the protective area to Gentex, and all the Nylon gear is obsolete anyway, exp. Lindnerhof which only is hyped with german troops and a few EU LE Units. Except of UFPro, no serious international revenue that floats in.