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Adept Armor NovaSteel Breastplate; Advanced Multi-Threat Riot Armor

Designed as a revolutionary advance in riot armor, the NovaSteel Breastplate is an up-armorable plate carrier capable of stopping a full spectrum of threats.

Tulsa, Okla. (October 2023) – Adept Armor, the most innovative company in leading performance body armor, proudly introduces the NovaSteel Breastplate, an ultra-versatile torso shoulder armor system originally designed as the next generation of riot armor, but represents a paradigm shift in protection from the full spectrum of street threats with greatly improved ballistic and ergonomic properties. The NovaSteel Breastplate’s universal and multi-faceted amor system is capable of stopping multiple threats:

• Handgun threats up to Level IIIA
• Knives well beyond Knife-3
• Spikes well beyond Spike-3
• Blunt impacts well beyond 100J
• Rifle threats to Level III+ with integral up-armor plates

?Unlike standard riot armor, Adept Armor’s NovaSteel Breastplate is not only a riot armor torso and shoulder protector but a drop-in replacement for existing riot armor torso-shoulder parts with vastly improved ballistic and ergonomic properties. In itself, it’s the thinnest Level IIIA armor ever produced (less than 0.1” thick), while also being lightweight and easily concealable. By offering comparable coverage to most soft armor systems, the backface deformation against common handgun threats is extremely low, at less than 10mm on average (i.e., 9mm FMJ), and unlike existing concealable armor, it also offers stab and spike protection to the highest possible level.

Another feature that makes Adept Armor’s NovaSteel Breastplate unbeatable is its ability to be more than one thing; case in point, it is a first-in-class plate carrier that can be up-armored with specially-built UHMWPE plates (1.7 lbs. each) to improve protection to level RF1 (NIJ III plus 5.56x45mm M193 and 7.62x39mm MSC). For those who desire a higher level of protection, RF2 plates are forthcoming. Up-armoring the NovaSteel Breastplate is easy, requiring two included bolts, and can be done in minutes, on the spot.

Additionally, the breastplate can also be fitted with MOLLE placards for overt use as a structural plate carrier. It also features integral air channels to provide ventilation, and a raised crest to provide additional protection for the spine. Heavily padded shoulders help reduce the perceived weight. Made from Adept Armor’s proprietary NovaSteel alloy, the breastplate weighs 9.8 lbs. in size XL/L and 9 lbs. in Medium.

For more information on Adept Armor visit their website.

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