PTR Industries Launches New Pistol Line

PTR™ Industries is excited to announce that the Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols are now available in the U.S. market! The Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols are innovative compact, high?performance handguns that utilize a low bore axis and patented breech locking system, known as AF-Speedlock®. This inventive design eliminates the need for a tilting barrel allowing for the entire slide of the firearm to be dropped lower into the grip. These two innovative features act together to significantly reduce muzzle rise, allowing for less felt recoil and much faster target re-acquisition.

PTR™ is now offering two models of the Archon Firearms™ semi-automatic pistols the Archon Gen 1 Type B by PTR™ and the Archon Gen 2 Type B by PTR™, with additional models to follow. The Gen 2 Type B has all the cutting-edge features of the Gen 1 Type B with an added innovative grip system. The new grip system features interchangeable grip textures, and a modular design that allows the pistol to be tailored not only to each shooters grip, but also to change from a full size to a compact or sub-compact.

Visit the PTR™ website to learn more about the Archon Gen 1 Type B by PTR™ and the Archon Gen 2 Type B by PTR™.

PTR™ is a South Carolina based manufacturer of one of the most globally recognized and iconic platforms ever produced, roller-delayed blowback firearms. Over the last two decades PTR™ has built a high-performance manufacturing facility and a team of experts that takes pride in developing dependable firearms.

Contact: [email protected] for additional information

Or see more at: https://www.ptr-us.com

11 Responses to “PTR Industries Launches New Pistol Line”

  1. D Liddle says:

    Begun the low bore axis wars have.

  2. Jack says:

    They’ve been going on for awhile. This isn’t a new entry.

  3. whataburger says:

    No optics options?

    Make one with an Acro dovetail and I’ll buy one.

  4. muddd says:

    No optic.. does not appear to be sensitized to the market

    do these use proprietary magazines?

  5. Pico says:

    No optic… But there is a pic on their website of what looks like a GEN 2 – TYPE B with an Aimpoint ARCO mounted? Bring them out with that option and I‘d buy two

  6. Theallseeingeye says:

    Did they just buy the rights on the Arsenal STRYK B pistol and pretend to be innovative?
    They should at least mention, that this is not their own new invention…


    • Naut says:

      STRYK, Arsenal, Archon…They have been selling the blueprints and renaming company names a couple of times. When you google it you will see threw.

      But: PTS never claimed its their invention. They actually resell it. Simple

  7. Chris says:

    So this is the Arsenal Strike One ? OR a bad copy ?