Aegis Kinetic Group Vertex 1.5 Plate Carrier

We are pleased to announce that Aegis Dynamics has rebranded as Aegis Kinetic Group (AKG). This change symbolizes our continuous focus since our origins in 2022 – creating unique products that increase operator efficiency and move the equipment industry forward. Our commitment to serving you, our customers, has never been more solid. We would not be here if not for the generosity and support of some truly brilliant members of this community, and we are determined to pay it forward in every way we can. 

On the topic of evolution, we are also pleased to unveil our flagship product: The Vertex 1.5 Plate Carrier and Operating System. The Vertex Operating System has undergone three years of quiet development, iteration, and field testing, made better by lessons learned and user feedback received on V1. Redefining the boundaries of lightweight, scalable, maritime-ready plate carriers, the Vertex is what you make it – literally.

Made from water-resistant 500D Cordura laminate, the Vertex can adjust to any S/M plate variant using Velcro OneWrap adjustment tabs and a FIRSTSPEAR 6/12® plate backer (L/XL coming soon). The Vertex can augment existing S/M slick plate carriers for increased capability and collapses for packing in a rucksack, duffel bag, or cargo pocket. Ballistic plates are top-loaded into the Front and Rear panels of the Vertex, and the reinforced bottom ensures plate security during wear. An open design encourages immediate drainage during maritime and over-the-beach operations. The Vertex also features native wire routing beneath the carrier’s surface, sewn-in shock cord lashing points and mounting options for PTTs, and integrated, removable FIRSTSPEAR TUBES® Buckles for mounting third-party cummerbunds. The Vertex 1.5 Plate Carrier will launch alongside other system components (Shoulder Straps, MOLLE Placard, Packable Cummerbund) during our Black Friday Sale on November 24th, 2023, at noon MST. Additional components, such as removable Front and Rear Load Frames and various pouches, will be released periodically throughout 2024.

The Vertex Operating System is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. from Berry Compliant laminate and thermoplastic materials. For MIL/LE sales, email [email protected]. Unit-specific customizations can be made on request.

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