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B&T USA Expands Production of APC9K SD2 US Army Submission

Tampa, Florida–B&T USA, a leading manufacturer of firearms and suppressors, is pleased to announce that it has expanded production of its 9mm APC9K SD2 models complete with the company’s scalable suppressor system. This variant was submitted for consideration during the United States Army Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) trials as a demonstration of technology, with the Army ultimately awarding that contract to B&T USA for its APC9K SMG.

“To win a U.S. Government contract, you must submit a product that as closely meets the defined specifications as possible. That’s not necessarily what you think the end user needs, but when we’re developing platforms like this, we want to be two steps ahead of the game,” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing, B&T USA. “In other words, we want to build firearms that won’t be obsolete in a year—or three years, or even 10. Without a doubt, that’s a challenge in the technologically advanced landscape of modern battlefields and urban law enforcement, but when the U.S. Army sees what you’ve done and acknowledges you gave them more than they asked for—much more—you’ve succeeded in fielding a firearm that has market longevity.

“Initially introduced in a very limited production run to service the SCW contract, the demand for the APC9K SD2 from other market segments has been unprecedented,” continued Mudgett. “What our customer want, our customers get, and we’re excited to be ramping up our production numbers in 2024.”

At less than 15 inches in overall length, the APC9K SD2 is the shortest integrally suppressed submachine gun available on the market today (a semi-automatic version is also available to both consumer and professional markets). With a 3-inch ported barrel and an over-the-barrel suppressor design that is fully contained within the short, M-Lok-compatible SD handguard, this weapon is optimized for low-visibility carriage and discreet deployment, delivering exceptional accuracy, controllability and ergonomics. Should the user require the utmost in suppression in lieu of compactness, a second-stage suppressor can be threaded onto the first, providing APC9 SD Compact-level (mid-length) decibel reduction.


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