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WhiteFox Awarded $1M Phase I of a Multi-Phase Drone Defense Contract to Fortify South Asia’s Critical Infrastructure

Enhancing Regional Security: Pioneering Airspace Management Solutions to Counter Emerging Drone Threats

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., – WhiteFox Defense Technologies, a globally recognized leader in advanced airspace management and counter-drone defense solutions, recently secured a significant $1 million contract. This milestone agreement, marking the first phase of a comprehensive multi-phase project, is aimed at bolstering the safety and protection of vital infrastructure and lives in South Asia. Amidst the rising global concern over drone-related threats, this contract highlights WhiteFox’s unwavering dedication to deploying cutting-edge technology for ensuring worldwide airspace security and safety.

In recent years, the use of drones for malicious purposes has escalated, posing significant risks to critical infrastructure, national security, and public safety globally. The proliferation of drone technology has made it increasingly accessible, leading to its misuse for surveillance, unauthorized data collection, and disruptive activities. This volatile situation underscores the urgent need for effective drone defense systems.

L.R. Fox, Chief Executive Officer of WhiteFox, stated, “This contract marks a significant milestone in our mission to create a safer world. The growing threats posed by rogue drones require advanced solutions, and WhiteFox is at the forefront of delivering these essential technologies. Our DroneFox NS system is uniquely designed to provide comprehensive protection against unauthorized drones, ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure and the public.”

Manu Srivastava, Chief Revenue Officer of WhiteFox, added, “The implementation of our DroneFox NS system in South Asia is a testament to our global reach and the effectiveness of our solutions. We are committed to customizing and integrating our technology to meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring enhanced drone detection and protection for vital installations and events.”

WhiteFox will be providing a customized DroneFox NS system, an RF-based technology adept in detecting, locating, identifying, and classifying drones. The system offers several safe drone mitigation options and is designed for increased capability, durability, and mobility. This contract will focus on:

– Customization and integration of DroneFox NS systems for advanced drone detection and protection.

– Efficient integration of customized DroneFox NS to achieve enhanced drone detection within the specified area.

– Ensuring seamless data storage and management capabilities.

DroneFox NS has been proven ideal for protecting Critical Infrastructure, Airports, Border Surveillance, Prisons, and provides base and force protection. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a crucial asset in countering the growing drone threats.


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