LMSGear – ambi.carry Tegris Pocket Insert

The new ambi.carry Tegris Pocket Insert from LMSGear is available now. It was designed for use in their MUD denims upper magcarrier pockets by DefTex in cooperation with Kydex Holster NLD.

It offers a stable platform for mounting items you want quick access to.

5 Responses to “LMSGear – ambi.carry Tegris Pocket Insert”

  1. Jared Statham says:

    Terrible knockoff of Raven Concealment’s PocketShield designed by Chris Fry.

    • Yawnz says:

      It’s also German, which means it’ll likely be cheaper and easier to obtain in Europe.

      Not sure how it’s “terrible” otherwise. Do you have evidence that it’s somehow structurally less capable or something?

      • Nick Me says:

        my only critique is that its sized for a unique cut of jeans specific pocket. I’ve got other jeans with those unique rear pockets but don’t know if they’d work.

        I am curious how a tegris adaptation of the RCS pocketshield would work.

        • AguyaroundRCS says:

          I think we would be open to it if we saw a need our current PocketShield didn’t solve that would be solved by using Tegris.

          Of course that need would have to justify the cost of bringing a new variant to market vs. all the other projects we have in the pipeline for this year.

          I can’t on the top of my head think of anything using Tegris would do better than the polymer we currently use but we are always open to new technology and materials.

    • Joe says:

      Knockoff ? its totally different , totally !!! i used it yesterday and it works well