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Enforce Tac 24 – Heckler & Koch G39

Yesterday, Heckler & Koch posted this image and message to Instagram:

Neu im Arsenal unserer Kommandosoldaten. Sonderwaffe #G39 im Kaliber 300 Blackout. Leichter. Besser. Unschlagbar. Sniper Grey.

New in the arsenal of our Special Forces. #G39 in caliber 300 Blackout. Lighter. Better. Unbeatable. Sniper Grey.

Recently adopted by the KSK, the G39 is based on the HK437, a 300 BLK version of the modular rifle, the HK433 unveiled in 2017.

Below is a HK437 in 300 BLK with a 9″ barrel.

Note the three white dots in several locations which tell the operator the carbine is chambered in 300 BLK.

9 Responses to “Enforce Tac 24 – Heckler & Koch G39”

  1. Pepper says:

    Guess that wraps up any hope of seeing an MR433 then.

  2. BarnOwlLover says:

    Any larger or other photos of the G39 (or anything else at the display)? This is a new one for me (and probably most of the rest of the world).

  3. Philip says:

    Another H&K design that the commercial market will likely never see because of Germany’s ridiculous export laws. 🙁

    • JW says:

      Why couldn’t they just be made in HK USA facility?

      • SSD says:

        First off, the Germans won’t export the tech data to build the gun and second, the US facility has always been more of a warehouse than factory.

      • RBeezy says:

        They do–https://hk-usa.com/company/ they just don’t give a shit about civilian sales of their military lineup

  4. Swampy J says:

    I’m sure it is very nice but that PWS UXR is looking pretty good as well.

  5. Stephen says:

    That handguard looks like the old sig mcx virtus rails on the integrally suppressed guns, yuck, aesthetics suck but the lack of features does too. Zie Germans can do better, seems they are scared to put mlok on angled sides!!!

  6. the hun says:

    Ugly Weapon, sez zie German, for ugly situatioms,,,
    HK got some legal issues for (illegal) exporting stuff to Mexiko,the G36.
    Perhaps the G39 will be exported smarter?!