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Beretta Defense Technologies Expands in Asia Pacific Region – Establishing BDT New Zealand

Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT), a leading provider of advanced firearms and defence solutions, is proud to announce the establishment of its newest entity – Beretta Defense Technologies New Zealand. This strategic expansion underscores BDT’s commitment to providing cutting-edge defence and law enforcement technology and products to customers worldwide.

BDT New Zealand will offer a comprehensive selection of products, including small arms, ammunition, optics, and support equipment, sourced from BDT’s global alliance of Beretta Holding owned companies and third-party partners. By serving as the gateway to the global BDT alliance, BDT New Zealand aims to ensure that local customers have access to the latest advancements in our defence and law enforcement technology.

“We are thrilled to expand our operations into New Zealand and look forward to bringing our world-
class defence solutions to this important market. This expansion represents an exciting opportunity for us to serve the unique needs of the New Zealand defence and law enforcement community, contributing to the country’s security objectives.”

– Slawomir Wicha, General Manager, Beretta Defense Technologies

To bolster the BDT presence and efficacy in the Australasian region, BDT New Zealand proudly collaborates with BDT Australia, forming a powerful partnership aimed at delivering comprehensive defence solutions across the region. Leveraging the combined strengths and expertise of both entities, this collaboration will ensure coordination and support for defence and law enforcement agencies in Australia and New Zealand. By combining resources, knowledge, and networks, BDT will leverage the joint relationship to benefit all customers in the region.

“BDT recognises the importance of the New Zealand market, and the necessity to understand the nuances of New Zealand requirements, which is best done by New Zealanders. This has been the determining factor in establishing BDT New Zealand.

While Australia and New Zealand are proudly independent, each with a strong culture and identity, we also have much in common, with a very strong history of collaboration particularly in a military context. As such, it makes perfect sense to collaborate, and we are excited about the prospect of working closely together, sharing our experiences for mutual benefit.

This collaboration signifies a significant step forward in the BDT global strategy, and underscores our commitment to supporting our customers throughout the region. Together, we look forward to forging strong partnerships and achieving shared success.”

– Lachlan McKenna, Director, Beretta Defense Technologies Australia & New Zealand

BDT New Zealand looks forward to reaching out to new customers, and establishing meaningful relationships throughout the New Zealand market. By actively engaging with local agencies, understanding their unique challenges, and offering tailored solutions, BDT New Zealand seeks to build partnerships with defence and law enforcement agencies to fulfil their missions effectively.

“I am thrilled to join the BDT New Zealand team, and feel my experiences gained over a couple of decades of uniformed service, both in the NZDF, and in Law Enforcement roles in Australia and New Zealand see me well positioned to have an innate understanding of our customers’ operational requirements.”

– Will Pillow, Business Development Manager, Beretta Defense Technologies New Zealand

BDT New Zealand represents a significant milestone in BDT’s global expansion strategy and reaffirms its position as a trusted partner for defence agencies worldwide. By bringing global BDT alliance products to the local market, BDT New Zealand aims to empower defence and law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-challenging security landscape.

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