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FirstSpear Friday Focus: The Line One Belt

This week, we’re highlighting a foundational piece of gear: the Line One Belt.

• Urethane covered nylon
• Superior strength and weather resistance
• Tempered non-slip coating
• Impervious to sweat and water
• Available in Black, Coyote, Manatee Grey & Rich Mahogany

In the realm of tactical gear, every element plays a crucial role. The Line One Belt is pivotal, offering functionality, durability, and adaptability. It’s the last belt you’ll ever need.

Functionality Redefined

The line one belt is our most popular everyday belt! Borrowing its name from an old NSW term for the first level of clothing or gear, the Line One Belt has amazing tactical performance that maintains the high level of comfort and mobility usually associated with leather. Urethane covered nylon provides superior strength and weather-resistance.

This belt won’t crack, peel, or become stiff in frigid temperatures. Specially tempered, non-slip coating eliminates “break-in” time and allows for leather like flex, yet it is impervious to sweat and water and will not stretch or lose its original shape. The Line One Belt is an excellent platform for concealed carry or for just keeping your pants up with style!

Durability Where It Counts

In demanding environments, reliability is non-negotiable. Constructed from high-quality polyurethane, the Line One Belt withstands the rigors of heavy every-day use. It ensures performance even in rugged terrain or harsh weather conditions.

For more information about the line one belt check out here.

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