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UBCO 2X2 Electric Motorcycle

The UBCO 2X2 electric motorcycle has caught the interest of the New Zealand Defence Force and several European militaries. It offers agile maneuverability, low maintenance, silent operation.

Made possible in conjunction TOAD – Innovation Digger.

These custom-made UBCO 2X2 bikes will be on display at EUROSATORY 2024 from June 17-21.

9 Responses to “UBCO 2X2 Electric Motorcycle”

  1. nautilus says:

    trash. no swappable battery. too small battery. too slow. quite low spring compression / travel of the forks. cheap forks. not even upside down. too expensive for the featureset. Overall literary every military E-Bike competitor is superior to this kids gadget. Just check Austrialian Military E Bikes, or a simple chinese SurRon

  2. Ex Coelis says:

    Your opinion sounds condescending and isn’t presented with any actual FACTS. Evidently, this article plainly points out that the New Zealand Defence Forces aren’t actually interested in your opinion. Better to present what you actually know rather than presenting how a topic-matter make’s you feel. All you’ve managed to underscore here and in previous SSD posts – it takes a lot of narrow cheek to hold up a narrow mind..

    • Sunny says:

      If no swappable battery,
      a battery too small,
      too slow speed of 50kph vs. industry standard of 70-90kph,
      no upsidedown suspension,
      too high prices,
      and the quote of a competitors brand name represent no facts to you, I guess you call fake news on the weather forecast as well?
      Have fun UBCO spokesperson, who gets defensive over customers stating to you that there are better, cheaper, more feature rich, competitors – with a bigger market share, longer reputation and actual product availability – already procurred and deployed by other major Nations with more than 300 soldiers.

      • Ex Coelis says:

        A competitors name is just that – a name. Apparently – you and nautilus – are unable to separate actual FACTS from perceived OPINIONS and the only sure thing about any weather forecast – there’s always going to be plenty of it..

        • Sunny says:

          Cute to see you trying to argue around and paddle on the same spot.
          You do realize your comment is public and everyone laughing about Ex Cloelis trying to talk down that they have no removable battery, low top speed, bad suspension and so forth aint a fact but an opinion?

          Have fun liggarding threw life.
          Defensive Salesman

          • Ex Coelis says:

            And yet another unsupported opinion now supported with pedantic spelling and syntax.. I don’t argue with anyone who is consistently unable to support any of their arguments or statements with FACTS. Apparently your ability actually read and clearly comprehend is a very challenging thing for you – I made no supporting statements for or against this product – I only pointed out that you and nautilus did not support any of your OPINIONS with any FACTS. Oh and Sunny as long as we’re talking about laughable – is it through or threw? Thanks for being a joke with no punchline.

            • Sunny says:

              Funny how you can not even recognize that peoples first language aint english so you try to just steer the conversation about what you try to focus on: Doing the Trump method of repeating THERE ARE NO FACTS while you are spammed with facts.
              As soon as the long hanging fruit pops up you jump onto the grammer nazi train, u know, cus “first learn the language of this country” whataboutisms – shifting that kts about FACTS back to yoir clmfort zone of pure chatoic disruption attempts.

              The rest of the world will have fun with SurRon FireFlys, topping out at 90kph and user-swappable batterys.
              Hope to see you at the UCBO booth soon, and check your formal Walmart Suit 😉

              • Ex Coelis says:

                No, what’s actually flat-out hilarious is the FACT that all I initially pointed out was – nautilus and yourself were citing OPINIONS that were not and still are not supported with any actual FACTS. “grammer nazi train”…? Even with Spell-Check turned off – who misspells GRAMMAR?! Nevertheless, thanks for underscoring the your level of your illiteracy and providing further proof of being a joke with no punchline…

                P.S. further thanks for letting us know that Walmart now attires it’s employees in suits. Unlike yourself, progressive!

  3. nautilus says:

    Ohhhh I didnt know company representatives of UBCO become defensive. Hahaha. Too bad you aint reading: Australian Army uses SurRon. Faster. Removable battery. Already deployed…. Too bad, um?
    Well, the rest of the world will get into STRIX, Polaris, SurRon or any other real product. Have fun with the most inportant gpv custpmer of the world: NZ. Wuhahahaha.

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