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Rampart Announces Exclusive Partnership with Milkor USA in Canada

OTTAWA, ON — Rampart Corp., a leader in providing cutting-edge operational equipment to military and law enforcement agencies across Canada, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Milkor USA Inc. (MUSA), a renowned manufacturer in the defense technology sector.

Milkor USA, Inc. is recognized as a pioneering force in the development of launcher technology, dedicated to crafting solutions that address the rigorous demands of military and law enforcement agencies globally. Their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the safety of their products has firmly established them as a leader in the defense sector, continually responding to the evolving needs of modern armed forces and law enforcement with high-quality, reliable operational equipment.

This partnership offers Canadian agencies unmatched access and support to Milkor’s innovative defense technologies, including the Less-Lethal Tactical Launcher (LTL). The LTL stands out for its superior quality, safety, and performance, setting a new standard in less-lethal solutions for riot and crowd control, as well as breaching operations. Designed exclusively for less-lethal munitions, it offers operational flexibility and rapid response capabilities, emphasizing Rampart’s commitment to equipping law enforcement with the most effective tools.
This strategic alliance aligns with both Rampart’s and Milkor’s mission to equip military and law enforcement with superior, reliable operational equipment. The collaboration promises to enhance the operational effectiveness and safety of Canadian agencies, offering them access to the best in launcher technology in the world.

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