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Strike Enhanced Grip Module (SEGM) for SIG SAUER P365 FCUs

If you’re a fan of SIG and have been wanting to upgrade your daily carry, you might be interested in one of Strike Industries’ latest product offerings.

Introducing the Strike Enhanced Grip Module (SEGM) for Sig Sauer P365 FCU’s, the first of many grip modules to come from Strike Industries.

This grip module comes with an increased palm swell, an undercut for the middle finger, texturing on all sides of the grip, and a deep scallop cut on both sides of the grip for the shooting hand’s thumb and finger — all to create a fantastic ergonomic experience. It also comes with the Strike Extended Mag Release Button for P365’s pre-installed.

The Strike frame can be made to be compatible with manual safety FCU’s including the CA model. However, removal of material is required and some fitment may be required. Seeking help from a professional gunsmith is highly recommended.

Borrowing from common aftermarket upgrades that gun owners do to Glock frames and other handgun frames, a very small but effective gas pedal area (Dynamic ControlTM) on both sides of the grip with staggered steps that go deeper into the frame come as standard straight from our factory to aid in recoil management.

A flared magwell has also been included for speedy reloads, but does not increase risk of printing for those who intend to conceal carry. There are two picatinny rail slots for users who want to add a weapon light, laser, or other accessory. Compatible weapon lights include the SureFire XSC and Olight Baldr.

In terms of profile, the SEGM is most similar to the size of an Sig P365 X Grip which directly relates to its magazine compatibility as well. The Strike Enhanced Grip for P365’s can take the following mags: P365 X/XL 10/12/15 AND the 17rd magazines.

Holster offerings can be expected from Hilliker Holster as we have partnered with them in creating a custom solution specifically for the SEGM. Pairing with our optics-ready Strike LITESlide for P365 and P365 barrel, users can now have a completely ‘Striked out’ P365.

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