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Sneak Peek – TangoDown Launching Updated AR Magazine, the MK3

TangoDown originally designed a magazine for use with the FN SCAR way back in 2009. I will be the first guy to admit that I had completely forgotten about these magazines. The worst thing is, I know I’ve got a few around here somewhere. But there’s a new, completely redesigned magazine coming from TangoDown on 15 April.

Offered in two versions, the MK3 is a 30 round, 5.56mm magazine designed specifically to work with the M855A1 EPR. The two models, MK3 FLT30 and MK3 RND30 differ slightly. The FLT prefix denotes a flat floor while the RND designator is for a round floor which is designed to pull double duty as a monopod.

It features a heat-treated stainless steel spring and anti-tilt follower combined with lubricious material for constant, reliable feeding. Additionally, the follower is ported for cleaning without disassembly. Finally, the body incorporates an ammunition status window.

Compatible with both M4 and M27 magwells, the MK3 magazine is offered in Black and FDE. TangoDown tells me 20 rounders are coming soon.

Here is a video featuring Rick Hogg going over the new MK3.

Coming April 15th from

4 Responses to “Sneak Peek – TangoDown Launching Updated AR Magazine, the MK3”

  1. Hodge175 says:

    Never had any issues with their older mags, they were just bulky.

  2. Sapperldr35 says:

    I never had any issues with my 7. Have had them i think since 2006?. They have had at least 1k through each mag and have sat loaded for a few months in between range dates.

  3. Legg says:

    Got a few of these for T/E. So far they’ve ran great. Can drop a full mag on concrete and not lose any rounds. EASILY seats full 30 rd mag on a closed bolt. Great grip texture. Fits in all of my mag pouches easily, retained well, removed well.

    So far, it’s been a great product and I’ve got no problem running them for duty use.

  4. Joe Schowalter says:

    I’ve never had a problem with two kinds of magazines; G.I. Aluminum and Tango Down ARC mags. Magpul, Lancer and plenty of other really good ones out there, but I’ve never had to throw out a GI or Tango.

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