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Wilcox Industries to Supply the Hybrid Patriot 5510 and BlueForce System to the Indonesian Korps Brigade Mobil Unit

NEWINGTON, NH – In March of 2024, the Korps Brigade Mobil Unit (commonly known as Brimob), the Special Operations Unit of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), awarded a second contract to purchase Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 Life Support Systems adding to the existing inventory of units already in operation. These additional units along with the units provided in previous years are all equipped with the BlueForce Tactical’s BTAC and Command Center Software System. 

The Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 Life Support System is the most advanced hybrid multimode protection respiratory system available on the market today.  Originally developed and produced under a classified program by Wilcox and the US Navy in year 2000, the first generation of this hybrid system was exclusively provided to select specialty US Navy units. Following the declassification of the program shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Wilcox was able to offer this hybrid system to military and first responders worldwide. This unique hybrid configuration extends the mission profile significantly in comparison with any other product on the market today, safeguarding the end-user against any CBRN attacks on their homelands.  Wilcox partnered with BlueForce Development Group has developed a networked system that is a state-of-the-art command post which can monitor the end-user’s physiological state, the status of the system assets as the mission progresses.

The rigorous selection process and subsequent award were achieved through collaboration and support via our Master Distributor for the APAC Region, Aquaterro – Advanced Product Supplies and Indonesian In-country dealer, PT. Skotfire & Safety Technology. Manufacturing the Hybrid Patriot 5510® will take place at Wilcox’s expanding headquarters facility in Newington, NH, USA.

In response to the award, James Teetzel, CEO, of Wilcox stated, “We are very excited to learn of this contract award. Any time a customer reorders a product, it is always a strong indicator that Wilcox is providing the right product, at the right price backed by our amazing customer service team. It is great to see!”

For more information about the Hybrid Patriot 5510®, BlueForce Software and other Wilcox respirator devices, visit www.wilcoxind.com/LifeSupport . 

For information on all other Wilcox and Wilcox Products, visit Wilcox’ website at: www.wilcoxind.com  or call: 603-431-1331.

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