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Blue Force Gear Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Exclusive Collaborative Piece

Pooler, GA — April 19, 2024 — Blue Force Gear (BFG), a leading provider of professional-grade gear and accessories, proudly announces its 20th anniversary milestone. To commemorate this achievement, BFG has partnered with Otte Gear and renowned industry artist Andrew Bawidamann to create an exclusive, limited-edition shirt.

LE Sales and Always Better Store Manager, Gunn (Left) and Director of Training and JTF, Chris Sizelove (Right).

“20 Years Buttoned Up”

The commemorative shirt, designed by Bawidamann, encapsulates BFG’s legacy by featuring iconic elements from itsproduct lineup. Available in two color options, BFG Blue and Grayman, this collector’s item is offered in sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. With only a limited stock available, enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their pieces early.

A Badass Must-Have Button-Up:

Milestone Products: The design showcases Blue Force Gear’s most celebrated products, including the Vickers sling, UWL, Ten-Speed pouches, and TKN med kits. Whether you’re a fan of the FN FAL, M4, AK47, M240, or B&T APC9, this design pays homage to the gear that has become synonymous with excellence.

Superior Design: BFG’s commitment to superior design is evident in every stitch. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the shirt reflects the brand’s dedication to quality over the last 20 years and counting.

Collaboration: The collaboration with Otte Gear and Andrew Bawidamann brings together three industry powerhouses. Otte Gear’s expertise in delivering great gear and apparel, combined with Bawidamann’s artistic vision, results in a truly unique piece.

Andrew Bawidamann, the artist behind the design, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity: “I felt blessed to be tapped into designing a custom piece celebrating 20 years of BFG products and service. This design brings out all the goodies—FN FAL, M4, AK47, M240, B&T APC9. I also rolled in the Ten-Speed pouches, the TKN med kits, Vickers slings, sling hardware, and of course the signature blue. It was an exciting and personal pattern to create, and it means a little more when it’s a company you trust and invest in their products, over 15 years now myself. I’m grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the BFG team and look forward to the next project.”

Blue Force Gear invites all to join the celebration by securing their limited-edition shirt. The shirt is available on Friday, April 19th, 2024.

Visit www.blueforcegear.com for more information and availability.

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