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Spectra Group Launches GENSS to the US Defense Market at SOF Week 2024

Following the initial announcement in January 2024, Spectra Group are springboarding the GENSS system into the US market at SOF 24. Spectra Group, a specialist provider of secure voice, data and satellite communications systems, is showcasing its next generation of tactical radio communications GENSS (pronounced genesis /j?n??-s?s) at SOF Week 2024 and will be displayingGENSS and the highly popular SlingShot from 6-10 May 2024 in booth #1805 at the Tampa Convention Centre.

GENSS builds on the foundations created by their award-winning SlingShot system, embodying Spectra Group’s vision of producing the ultimate radio systems that capitalize on technological advances, adapt to the evolving demands of military operations and simplify the user experience. It has been designed and developed through a collaborative effort of tactical communication experts, seasoned military specialists and top-tier U.K. scientists and engineers. GENSS is a significant advancement in the field of tactical radio communications, due to its modular core framework and software-defined flexibility, heralding a new era in communication technology.

This modular, agnostic hardware radio system is designed to be agile and provide the ultimate interoperability through straightforward software reprogramming to adapt quickly and easily to meet the diverse needs of its users. Capable of operating across HF, VHF, UHF, and satellite bands, GENSS is engineered to conquer Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) barriers and support Communications on the Move (COTM), delivering a robust and agile solution for voice and high-bandwidth data transmission across all domains — land, sea, and air. GENSS boasts high-capacity, network sensing capabilities and has increased data rates over 25kHz LTAC channels, scaling up to 90kBps. It has adaptive modulation waveforms, which automatically adjust through network sensing techniques, to meet the tactical situation (on the move and in combat vs at the halt scenarios). Also, through novel engineering techniques, voice and low data rate solutions can be applied in the contested communications space to minimise detection.

This revolutionary radio solution can stand alone or be integrated into any existing radio infrastructure and works seamlessly with SlingShot; unleashing superior interoperability and flexibility to meet the demands of today and the future. By integrating multi-mission and multi-mode functionalities, combined with its modular design and open architecture, it delivers unparalleled adaptability for robust battlefield connectivity. Secure by design and integrating the latest most advanced technological hardware means GENSS not only delivers maximum performance while minimizing its size, weight and power, but also delivers a future-proofed capability. In addition, it is simple to operate and configure, with an easy-to-programme user interface, resulting in an overall reduced training burden.

Simon Davies, Chief Executive at Spectra Group, said: “For years, my vision has been to craft the ultimate radio system — user-friendly, light, modular and supremely flexible to adapt to the evolving demands of military operations and technological advances. After years of dedicated development, GENSS is the fruition of that vision and builds on the foundations set by our award-winning SlingShot system. Designed by soldiers, for soldiers, GENSS is not just a game-changer for military applications but possesses vast potential for integration into broader communication networks, unlocking endless possibilities.”

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