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Scrubland Bandolier

Introducing the Scrubland bandolier.

Whether you’re carrying extra stores for the patrol medic, leaving your pack behind to move onto target or just have to carry too much shit in your grab bag, the bandolier is ideal.

With its basic design and using 1000D Cordura the bandolier is lightweight, compact and tough. Will fit snug in the top of your pack until needed or can be thrown in the back of a truck for your resupply.

100% Australian made

Available in AMC or MultiCam

Order via DM on their Insta page.

Contents not included

One Response to “Scrubland Bandolier”

  1. PB says:

    This type of thing is under-rated. Keeping a few of these in an ammo can in a gun truck, or in a few different packs among a squad is a great way to have rapidly distributable items.

    Though, I’d rather have snaps than velcro.