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GAOS 19 – Section 21 T-shirts from Rockwell Tactical

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Our friends at Rockwell Tactical are selling Section 21 T-shirts to commemorate the Pennsylvania Constitution’s commitment to the right to bear arms, raise awareness, and solicit donations to the fight for this precious right in Pittsburgh.

Article I, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution states: “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

Many of Pennsylvania’s citizens, and politicians in Harrisburg, have no idea (or simply do not care) that they are violating the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by simply asking the question. Remind them of our inalienable right to bear arms and defend ourselves.

For each T-shirt sold, Rockwell Tactical will donate $5 to Firearms Industry Consulting Group, P.C., to support the legal challenges being prepared by Firearm Owners Against Crime and Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League in relation to the City of Pittsburgh’s unlawful anti-Second Amendment proposals.

If you can’t make it to the Great American Outdoor Show, get yours at www.rockwelltactical.com/allproducts/section-21-t-shirt.

GAOS 19 – Geissele Automatics Super Duty

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Right before SHOT Show, Bill Geissele hosted a live internet broadcast to unveil his new complete carbines. They had them At SHOT Show but the counter was two deep, waiting to look at them every time I stopped by. Fortunately, they were also displaying the carbines at GAOS.


The line is called Super Duty and currently consists of the Super Duty and Super Duty LE. Barrel lengths for the Super Duty are 10.3″, 14.5″, 16″ and 18″, while the restricted LE model is only available with a 16″ barrel. But get this, the Super Duty LE is only $750 as configured below.

Super Duty LE


Mil-Spec, M4 Feed Ramps. CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum, Black Type III Hard Coat Anodized

• Mil-Spec A2 Flash Hider


• Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel, 1:7 Twist, 16? Government Profile, Geissele-length Gas System, and HP/MPI Tested

• “Bombproof” Pinned Low Profile Geissele Super Gas Block, Mid-length, Direct Impingement

• ALG Defense LE Blue Line V2 EMR, CNC Machined of 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized


• Mil-Spec

• Mil-Spec 158 Carpenter Steel, Shot Peened, HPT, MPI Tested, Full Auto Rated Carrier, upgraded ejector, 5 coil gold ejector spring, insert and high temp highly durable orange o-ring included.


Geissele Flip or Fixed Sights

Mil-Spec with Enhanced Flared Magazine Well CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hard Coat Anodized


• ALG ACT – Advanced Combat Trigger
5.5 lbs. pull weight, single stage, Nickel Boron / Nickel Teflon Coated, Full Power Hammer Spring

• Mil-Spec A2

• Super 42 H1
Triple Wire Braided, 15% stronger average return force over standard buffer spring, removes spring reverberations (TWANG)

• Geissele Posi-Lock

• Maritime Bolt Catch

• Magpul CTR

• Mil-Spec 6 Position 7075-T6 Aluminum

Super Duty


The Super Duty models are fully customizable from muzzle device to stock and optics to weapon light. Along with all of those choices comes. a price tag. You’ve got to check out the site to see it. They are available in Black, OD Green and Desert Dirt Color.

2019 Great American Outdoor Show

Friday, February 8th, 2019

For the past few years I’ve made the drive up from Hampton Roads to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to attend the Great American Outdoor Show. In the past I’ve only ever made a cursory reference to what the show is and occasionally made offhand comments about the “chaos of GAOS.” But I must assure you, those comments were made out of admiration. The show is massive and lasts for a full nine days! It’s amazing what they make happen.

This year I want to show a bit of what’s available.

If you’re an outdoorsman, particularly in the northeastern US, you need to attend GAOS at least once. As you’ll see, there’s something for everyone.

GAOS is a regional institution. While the two weekends enjoy high attendance, you’ll see crowds during the middle of the week, and these aren’t just singleton visitors. Entire families make the trek to the show and spend the whole day exploring the various halls.

In fact, the show goes for so long, many exhibitors use shifts of more than one group dividing the schedule up. With GAOS coming so close on the heels of SHOT Show, it’s amazing to see all hands on deck from companies that just did it a few weeks ago. The dedication to the customer is amazing.

Speaking of which, this is a customer driven show and not an industry only show like SHOT Show or closed to NRA members like the NRA Annual Meeting. Although none of the firearms companies sell direct to the customers, like a gun show, there are hundreds of vendors who sell a variety of products and services.

You can meet hundreds of outfitters and guide services offering a wide variety of experiences, like this gator hunt.

You can even meet with an Army recruiter.

There are tents, campers, and log homes on display.

There’s boating…

And fishing…

If offroad adventures are your game, there are vehicles and accessories galore.

If you are there for firearms, you’ll have access to some of the latest and greatest.

Air guns?

3D Action Archery?

You want camouflage? They’ve got it too.

What kind of an NRA event would it be without the Wall of Guns?

There are also multiple places to eat in the expo center and a wide variety of foods available. Lines can be long during peak meal times.

There’s just no way around it, with so many attendees, parking can be frustrating. It may take awhile to park and then you may have to wait for a shuttle bus. Which means, mind the weather. Although it’s warm and dry once you get inside, you may be standing outside for a wait of up to 15-20 minutes, depending on shuttle bus lines.

Even if you can’t make it this year, go next year. It’s a great time.

Learn more, and buy tickets at www.greatamericanoutdoorshow.org.

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up – GAOS Edition

Friday, February 9th, 2018


This time it showed up in the Geissele Automatics booth with the Upper Receiver Group Improved.

GAOS 18 – Tactical Walls

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Tactical Walls has introduced an EDC tray. While it’s not a concealment, it is quite handy.


Stamped from carbon fiber, it has three compartments.


GAOS 18 – M&P Shield

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Like I said in the intro, this is a trade show and major manufacturers are in hand, exhibiting their consumer products. Smith & Wesson has their new M&P 380 Shield EZ pistol with its grip safety.


They’ve got the full range but another model I wanted to point out is the M&P 9 Shield 2.0 with integrated Crimson Trace green or red laser.


GAOS 18 – AmericanSnipers.org

Thursday, February 8th, 2018


One of the best ways to support the non-profit AmericanSnipers.org is to buy some swag. Every year, they come up with a new, innovative medallion and this year is no disappointment.


The reverse has a Lakota Sioux inscription which translates to, “shoot the enemy in the face.” Additionally, on either side, the head dress bears the Army and Marine Corps Sniper symbols.

This thing has got some heft to it and features a channel down the middle to run a cord through it.

Make sure you stop by if you’re at the show and pick something up.

GAOS 18 – Argo ATVs

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Argo has long been known for the six and eight wheeled amphibious light vehicles but this year they’ve introduced ATVs.


The Xplorer XR series comes standard with Innova tires, steel racks, front differential lock and anti-vibration 2″ receiver hitch. There are three models, all with a 503cc, EFI, liquid cooled, single cylinder, four-stroke engine.

You can also take a step up to the two-passenger XRT 500/1000 models. The 500 series is available in three models like the single seater, but there’s also a 997cc, EFI, liquid cooled, twin cylinder four-stroke engine model.