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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

3M Peltor has just introduced the next generation in communications headsets, the COMTAC IV Hybrid.

The idea is pretty cool. The headset housing which resembles an upside down horseshoe contains all of the electronics which eliminates the need for a large, heavy external radio control box. Rather than bulky ear phones, the user will now wear small ear plugs that integrate communications, and hearing protection. The COMTACT IV also features the same ambient listening capabilities as the COMTAC ACH; external sound is amplified for situational awareness, but the system shuts out loud tactical noises. Peltor will provide various sizes of the flanged earplugs to ensure a proper fit. There is no learning curve since the system’s control interface is exactly the same as previous models. However, there is also a new ‘boost’ feature that allows the user to manually override the audio input to pump up the the volume for those times when a higher audio output is necessary. Thoughtfully, the Comtact IV uses a AAA battery as a power source.

Gel ear pads help stabilize the headset and are attached with a proprietary 3M product that holds a stronger bond than hook and pile tape.

What is really cool about the new COMTAC IV is that it is also compatible with the Ops-Core ARC Kit (Accessory Rail Connector) for use with FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) Helmets just like its predecessor the COMTAC III. In addition to a conversion kit, models will also be offered with the ARC adapter integrated directly from the factory. With either version, a microphone can installed either right or left.

The COMTAC IV is available now for preorder from Tidewater Tactical with deliveries beginning in June.

3M MPro 110 Pocket Projector Update

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Gizmodo has published photos and some additional background info on the battery operated MPro 110 we discussed back in September. It is pocket sized and while gear heads will complain about the MPro 110’s low resolution, for a guy deployed to a forward location it can pull double duty as an MWR projector and small unit briefing aid.