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Gizmodo Falls for Duffel Blog Story

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Holy Schnookies! Gizmodo was actually the website that inspired me to create SSD as a daily blog. However, as good as they are, that doesn’t mean that mistakes don’t happen. And earlier today, they happened. One of their reporters was taken in by “Duffel Blog” a blog similar to “The Onion” but targeted at the military. Apparently, Gizmodo actually believed that the US Army was trading in their bayonets for tomahawks. Good Grief Charlie Brown. This is why I pull my hair out every time the MSM ‘discovers’ a military story. Better luck next time guys.

A Weapons Factory Below SoHo?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Well, sort of. According to a cool article in Gizmodo, The Specialists LTD is a family owned business located in the SoHo district of NYC that manufactures and provides lookalike weapons to the film industry.

Thanks NH

Newsflash! Military Has Cool Technology (But, Requires Screwdriver to Change Batteries)

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Go over and read the FLIR Scout TS-Series review on Gizmodo. If you don’t, this article won’t make sense.

Over the past couple of years FLIR has been trying to commercialize their IR sensor technology. FLIR builds a solid product and their military and commercial grade products are everywhere. Considering what you are getting, their personal vision products are fairly inexpensive, and the resolution is pretty good. So good in fact, that Gizmodo’s reviewers came to the amazing conclusion that, “IT LETS YOU SEE IN THE DARK, DUDE.” Amazingly, they were dumbfounded by the notion that although field replaceable, a screw driver was required to change the batteries even though the unit is waterproof. What’s more, they were a bit put off that the FLIR used up batteries even though it only uses 4 x AA.

You need a screwdriver to remove the batteries, which is screwy because a) They’re supposedly “field-replaceable” and b) The thing eats batteries like they’re covered in sugar and sitting in a pie dish.

I have to admit I read Gizmodo. But what do hipsters do when you give them military grade hardware? Why, they use it to photograph themselves urinating of course. Score one for the marketing machine at FLIR. It’s the weekend so I’ll give you my opinion raw. When I read this article, I formed this image in my mind’s eye that involves a monkey violating a football.

Bottom line, civilians are absolutely amazed by shit military folks take for granted. Conclusion? They need to man the fuck up and serve their country instead of reading about it on hipster websites.


3M MPro 110 Pocket Projector Update

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Gizmodo has published photos and some additional background info on the battery operated MPro 110 we discussed back in September. It is pocket sized and while gear heads will complain about the MPro 110’s low resolution, for a guy deployed to a forward location it can pull double duty as an MWR projector and small unit briefing aid.