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Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition

Friday, December 18th, 2009

WPRC LogoSeveral leaders in the Personal Protective Equipment industry have banded together to launch the Warrior Protection & Readiness Coalition (WPRC), an industry-led effort to ensure that US fighting forces are properly equipped and funded to execute their missions. For the first time, the manufacturers of individual equipment and protective clothing are combining their efforts to advocate for the resources needed to properly equip the US Warfighter. By advocating for fully funding an integrated set of clothing and equipment used by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, the WPRC will work to make certain that American Warfighters are supplied with superior gear and equipment.

The WPRC will work to ensure that there continues to be a robust domestic industrial base in place to support the permanent battlefield superiority of the US Warfighter. The coalition will focus on the legislative and policy development process, including advocating for adequate research and development of and full funding for superior Personal Protective Equipment for US Warfighters, as well as supporting policy initiatives that affect domestic manufacturers. Members of the WPRC are committed to working closely with the Program Managers of the Department of Defense to support their efforts to increase Warfighter effectiveness, survivability, mobility, sustainability and situational awareness and will advocate for integrated programs like Soldier-As-A-System.

The founding members of the WPRC include ADS Tactical, Darn Tough, Insight Technology, Integrated Wave Technologies, London Bridge Trading, New Balance, Otis, Pelican, Sperian, Surefire, Wiley X and W. L. Gore. Expect additional leaders in the Personal Protective Equipment industry to join as this effort gains momentum.

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Out with the Old and in with the New at ADS

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Actually, they didn’t get rid of anything except an outdated web presence. In fact, in launching a new site, they have made the ADS Tactical experience more pleasant.

ADS Tactical

The site is packed with short, informational videos designed to educate the customer on the wide range of ADS services. I suggest all Soldier Systems readers take a moment to check out their new website and acquaint themselves with ADS Tactical. In particular you should find the Industry News section very helpful.