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Afghan Border Police Adopt Ghostex Pattern

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation has announced that the Afghanistan Border Police (ABP), an elite division of the Afghanistan National Police (ANP) with a strength of around 20,000 has authorized the Ghostex Kilo-1 pattern as their new uniform camouflage.

You may notice that the pattern looks complimentary to the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) currently used in Afghanistan by the US Army and Air Force. This is because the US Government stipulated that the new ABP pattern must have similar coloration but yet be distinctively different. This is so that the forces could work in concert during operations but would not be mistaken for one another in close proximity. Based on this requirement, HyperStealth was able to offer three different patterns from the Ghostex line the same day the request came in.

A Purchase Order has been issued and the first 12,000 yards of fabric has been already been printed. The fabric is milled and printed in the US and then sent to Afghanistan for assembly by Afghanistan citizens working for Afghanistan companies.

This is not the first time HyperStealth has worked with the Afghanis. In 2009, the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) chose Hyperstealth’s Spec4ce Afghan Forest pattern for their uniforms.

Ghostex is a joint venture between ADS Inc and Canada-based HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation.