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Agility Technologies Launches Revolutionary Wireless Live Streaming 360° Technical Rescue Search Camera

Monday, February 5th, 2018


Agility Technologies Corporation (ATC) proudly announces FirstLook360 (FL360), the first wireless live streaming 360° technical rescue search camera for the Emergency Services market. FL360 captures seamless high definition live streaming 360° video with wired and wireless connectivity in a ruggedized IP68 housing. FirstLook360 is software/mobile powered containing no moving parts doing away with mechanical motors, gears, pulleys and/or belts used to articulate most of today’s search/tactical cameras. We designed the camera to increase battery life, decrease search times, and allow a multipurpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue, tactical and industrial applications including structural collapse, trench, high-angle, vehicle extrication, tactical surveillance, and industrial inspection.


The entire FL360 camera is incredibly light, weighing just over 1lb with batteries installed. It has been designed with 360° LED illumination (6 x LED’s) and two mounting points, one at the front of the camera head and one at that rear. At the rear, you can attach the camera to the provided 10ft telescoping extension pole or using a painter’s pole adapter attach any length painters pole to extend the camera to view a 2nd floor, 3rd floor, or 4th floor window before entry. In addition, you can install an eye hook to the rear mount to lower the camera into a confined space using rope or from the roof of a building. The front mount allows you to insert a hook to pull away or remove debris blocking the cameras view (ex. false ceiling, walls, etc.). We can do this because of FL360’s wireless capability and portability.


With FL360’s accompanying Android application, a user can record 360° video, take snapshots, transmit and receive two-way audio via the robust, multi-use camera head. Using the provided tablet, the operator is able to view an entire space by using a finger with swipe gestures or with the app’s virtual joystick feature to control the focus area and map all recorded media using integrated GPS data.


Key features of the FL360 Application include:

• FirstLook360 spatial orientation algorithm
• Time, date and GPS data, online map overlay
• Low latency live streaming & recording
• 802.11n MIMO dual antennas Wi-Fi 2.4ghz
• Still image capture
• Sharing of videos and snapshots via Wi-Fi or LTE
• Push-To-Talk controllable Two-Way audio
• Onscreen illumination gradient control for on board ultra-bright LED’s
• Onboard Diagnostics and multiple user preference settings
• Purpose Built and Downloadable Viewer
• Wired and Wireless Operation
• Fingertip Control / Pinch to Zoom

Andy Ibbetson, one of the founders of ATC, commented that, “We set out to put Tech back into Technical Rescue.” FL360 combines advances in technology, imaging, connectivity, mobile integration, and mechanical design that will provide emergency professionals with a multi-purpose advanced camera that we believe will open the door to new methods to save time and improve outcomes.